This systematic review aims to examine the relationship between the social determinants of health that significantly impact the prevalence and progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) amongst Black Americans. The Black American population has the highest prevalence of CKD in the United States, while concurrently possessing prominent genetic risk factors for this chronic disease. The social determinants: healthcare quality and access (extended to account for health behaviors), social and community context, and economic stability were specifically assessed in this review. Key terms were utilized to search electronic databases PubMed and Web of Science, which yielded 470 unduplicated articles. Twenty-nine articles met the inclusion criteria for this systematic review, with three articles being applicable to the three selected social determinants, six being applicable to social and community context, six being applicable to economic stability, and fourteen being applicable to healthcare quality and access. Major contributors towards CKD incidence and progression amongst Black Americans were identified to be: exposure to discrimination, expectations of discrimination and prejudice, low routine medical care, limited health literacy, distrust of health providers, being of low socioeconomic status, and a lack of engagement in functional health behaviors (fruit/vegetable consumption and CKD screening). Each social determinant was seldom observed to be operating exclusively as a contributing factor towards CKD, exemplifying how the intersectionality of these factors contributes to increased CKD risk and progression. Findings from this systematic review highlight the need for targeted healthcare initiatives for Black Americans to remedy the CKD endemic.

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