Alcohol and substance use among a college population has become a norm for our society. Even more intriguing are the possible factors that may lead to use and abuse of alcohol and substances. The purpose of the current study was to examine the relationship between multiple participant characteristics (i.e., ethnicity, gender, year in college, socioeconomic status) and alcohol and substance use. A total of 902 participants from the University of Central Florida answered multiple questionnaires via the Sona system. Items in the questionnaires included topics such as demographic variables, social class variables, and items regarding alcohol and substance use in the past thirty days. The majority of participants were white females with an average age of 21.58. This study hypothesized that participants who identify as white males, those classified as a junior or senior in class standing, as well as those in a higher socioeconomic status would be more likely to report alcohol and substance use when compared to other participants. The current study also sought to assess how these different factors combine to best predict alcohol and substance use among a college sample. Data in the study was analyzed using SPSS in which correlations, t-tests, and an ANOVA were used to determine how participant characteristics and alcohol and substance use among college students are related. Linear regression analyses were conducted as well to determine how different participant characteristics can combine to best predict alcohol and substance use among college students. Results indicated that those participants whom identify as being white males, participants in a higher socioeconomic status, and, participants in later years of college are more likely to partake in alcohol and substance use. Results also indicated that the main factors that predicted alcohol and substance use are social class and year in college.

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