The intent of this thesis is to explore children’s technology usage, technology’s effects, and what can be done to regulate technology use for children and families. The overuse of technology by children has been proven to be detrimental to a child’s emotions and health and wellness. Children need rules and regulations for proper use of technology as well as instruction on how to positively use technology. In a world of growing technologies and the creation of new digital devices, research is needed for assist parents and guardians of children of all ages. This thesis focuses on the negative effects of technology on the developing child and will produce a handbook for parents.

The handbook includes a letter to parents, reasons for regulation, guidelines, activities for technology replacement, strategies, and lessons on digital citizenship. This tool for parents is the start to raising responsible digital citizens. With this handbook, parents will gain insight on what they can do for their children and with their children in order to effectively use technology in a positive and beneficial way. The handbook includes a list of books and websites for parents to complete more research and provides an extensive list of activities and guidelines for technology and technology replacement. The purpose of this handbook is help parents to better understand what technology does to their children and how they can work with technology in the most positive and educational ways.

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Gresham, Regina Harwood


Jennings-Towle, Kelly


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


College of Education and Human Performance


Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

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Elementary Education


Orlando (Main) Campus



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