The impact that a teacher can have on their students is monumental. Teachers often are the only consistent figure of authority that a student sees. Therefore, a vulnerable and conformable environment is crucial for students, so they can share their needs and in return have them met. With this in mind, teachers must consider forming their classroom environment, because of how it is received by the students. This study examined the impact that a teacher’s disposition can have on the response of a student through a six-question interview by analyzing the number of words spoken by the students depending on the disposition of the teacher used to ask the question. This study aimed to identify the possible impacts of teacher disposition on student responses using a sample of 17 elementary aged students attending a summer reading clinic at a Florida university. After a face-to-face, six-question interview was administered to the students, results showed some students made a overall shift towards more words spoken when the question was asked in an interested or neutral disposition. These results demonstrate the potential impact of teacher disposition on student response in the classroom. The results of this study complement past research, which has shown that classrooms in a welcoming and comfortable environment are more likely for students to share their needs, leading to success for both students and teacher.

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Roberts, Sherron Killingsworth


Kay, Marni


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


College of Education and Human Performance


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Open Access

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August 2018