Background: According to the National Cancer Institute (2017) approximately 15,270 individuals’ ages 0 to 19 years would be diagnosed with cancer in 2017. Although pediatric cancer survival rates continue to rise, there are high rates of anxiety, fear, and depression amongst this population. The purpose of this literature review was to explore mental health interventions for adolescent cancer patients.

Methodology: A total of 165 articles were found in a literature search. Databases used include: CINAHL Plus with Full Text, Cochrane Center Register of Controlled Trials, Cochrane Clinical Answers, MEDLINE, and PsycINFO. As results were further narrowed based on relevance and set limiters a total of 7 articles were used for the purpose of this review.

Results: Multiple interventions were used in the purpose of this review including therapeutic play, animal-assisted activities, complementary and alternative medicine interventions, and coping and stress reduction interventions. Interventions used significantly decreased anxiety, fear, and depression amongst adolescent cancer patients.

Conclusion: One intervention was not more successful than another. Interventions that included participants in their plan of care, promoted normalcy, and were developmentally appropriate were successful at decreasing anxiety, depression, and fear in adolescent cancer patients.

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Loerzel, Victoria


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August 2018