Electrochemical conversion devices are a developing technology that prove to be a viable and more efficient alternative to current environmentally friendly generation devices. As such, constant research has been done in the last few decades to increase their applications and reliability. One of these systems, and the focus of this research, is the single cell Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC). These systems are a developing technology which main caveat is the need of high operating temperatures and costs. As such, most multidisciplinary research has been focused on researching materials and/or processes that help mitigate the costs or lower the operating temperature. The research presented in this paper focused on the manufacturing of a cubic stabilized zirconia (CSZ) electrolyte thin membrane for a single cell SOFC through tape casting. Thus, the process was divided into slurry preparation, tape casting, further processing, and analysis of samples. First the tape was produced reaching optimal viscosity (between 500 to 6000 cP) and minimizing impurities. Then, the slurry was poured into the doctor's blade with a 200 micrometers gap and allowed to dry. Samples were punched from the green tape with a diameter of 28 inches. Afterwards, these samples were pressed and sintered with a force of 218016 N and temperature of 1550 degrees celsius, respectively. These steps are done to maximize density and grain growth and minimize porosity. Lastly, the tape went further analysis and it was stated that further research should be done to determine this tape viability for stationary SOFC application.

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Orlovskaya, Nina


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Mechanical Engineering


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