Future elementary school teachers are tasked with the responsibility to ensure that the children in their classrooms have access to high quality books every day. This can be accomplished by building classroom libraries with titles that are not only of high literary quality but are also inclusive of the students in the classroom as well as the people these children will encounter outside of the classroom. Children should be able to see themselves represented in the literature they read, and they should also be able to develop empathy for people who are different than they are. Diverse literature can have a huge impact on children and their outlook on themselves and the world. Because of the importance of quality diverse books for young children, this thesis outlines the resources, such as the plethora of children's literature awards for diverse books, that are available to teachers. It also includes a checklist for teachers to follow as they build their classroom libraries. This checklist helps teachers ensure that the books they choose meet the needs of the diverse population in their class. Once teachers know the resources available to them, they have a checklist that they can follow to build or evaluate their library, and they are aware of the diverse populations represented in their districts, schools, and classes, they are able to create an inclusive and impactful collection of books for their students.

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