The purpose of educators is to aid their students as they develop as their own individuals. Only through education can individuals grow to become the best version of themselves, in and out of the classroom. It is crucial for educators to be aware of the many different learners in the world, so teachers are prepared for any exceptional student that enters their classroom. That is why it is so important to educate oneself on the many exceptionalities and circumstances students are facing. Encompassed within the 13 disabilities identified in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, 1975), are sub categories of many additional exceptionalities. It is a lot of information, and it can be very overwhelming for anyone, not just teachers, to know each one. By bringing exposure to the many exceptionalities, teachers, parents, and students can potentially feel less overwhelmed.

By creating a resource guide for at least one exceptionality, help is being given to those who need it. For this research, the exceptionality of focus is Expressive Aphasia, also known as Broca's aphasia. Expressive Aphasia is not an exceptionality commonly spoken of outside of those involved in this study and those afflicted with this unique form of aphasia. Which This highlights the purpose of this thesis, to examine research/studies and form a resource guide for teachers and parents to learn about Expressive Aphasia. The resource guide will provide information about the history of Expressive Aphasia, offer definitions, suggest strategies, and introduce resources that can help educators, parents, and students better understand this type of aphasia. Everyone needs help, and what better way to help teachers and parents than to give them tools to effectively aid students in their educational journey.

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Blanch, Norine


Roberts, Sherron Killingsworth


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


College of Community Innovation and Education


School of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

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Elementary Education


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