To confirm computer simulations and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, benchtop experiments are needed with a fluid that mimics blood and its viscoelastic properties. Blood is challenging to use as a working fluid in a laboratory setting because of health and safety concerns. Therefore, a blood analogue is necessary to perform benchtop experiments. Viscosity is an important property of fluids for modeling and experiments. Blood is a shear thinning fluid, so it has a decreasing viscosity with higher shear rates. This project seeks to create a blood mimicking fluid for benchtop laboratory use. Numerous fluids with different combinations of water, glycerin, and xanthan gum were created to mimic the shear thinning property of blood at different hematocrit levels. Since the amount of xanthan gum is very small, an analytical balance was used. To mix the solution, an immersion blender and a heat circulator were used. The data were obtained from 10-90 torque percent, which is the range over which the rheometer is accurate, so the exact ranges of shear rate tested depended on the test fluid. The created solutions were compared to blood at the equivalent hematocrit and previously performed tests.The three different equivalent hematocrits all produced results similar to viscosities of blood. The results were similarly representative of blood at different equivalent viscosities for the 0.0075% xanthan gum and the 0.075% xanthan gum by weight. The solutions were able to mimic the shear thinning behavior of blood at different equivalent hematocrits. The fluids with 0.075% xanthan gum and 50% water and 50% glycerin is a better representative than the fluids with 0.075% xanthan gum and 60% water and 40% glycerin.

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