The American Dream Ideology is defined by Sociologist, Jennifer Hochschild as, "All persons in the United States can achieve the American Dream, which is defined as the achievement of success however that is defined to oneself, through hard work and one's own efforts." Filipino Americans have a unique history with the United States and much of Filipino culture has roots within its history of colonization by Spain and the United States. Previous research has shown a high consistent rate of immigration into the United States, and high rates of social mobility among second-generation Asian immigrants compared to first-generation Asian immigrants. A study also has shown that college students predominately mentioned wealth and material goods when discussing the American Dream Ideology. Inquiry on Filipinos and their perceptions of the American Dream have yet to be completed. Using the framework of culture as a "tool kit," this qualitative study investigates if Filipino college students that attend the University of Central Florida buy into the "American Dream Ideology," as defined by Sociologist, Jennifer Hochschild. This was done by analyzing 3 interviews with Filipino college students that attend the University of Central Florida. Based on the data, there are many factors that can attribute to a student's understanding of the American Dream Ideology. This study lays the groundwork for further research on the processes that create one's definition of the American Dream Ideology within Filipino communities.

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