Children are considered a vulnerable population in society. While thermoregulation in children is similar to that of an adult, children are vulnerable to heat-related illness. Student athletes have been found to be particularly vulnerable to heat-related illness for numerous reasons, including intense outdoor play. Football players are perhaps the most at-risk population of student athletes due to the intense physical requirements, outdoor practice during the hottest months of the year, and the extensive protective equipment required. By conducting a literature review on the subject of pediatric heat illness, the purpose of this thesis is to explore evidenced based research and guidelines regarding heat-related illness prevention. This review of literature was conducted through the utilization of the University of Central Florida's online databases using the EBSCOhost platform of: CINAHL Plus with Full Text, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, ERIC, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, MEDLINE, PsycINFO and SPORTDiscus. This thesis is unique because it does not focus on an individual sport; rather, it focuses on pediatric athletes from various disciplines. The prevalence, pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment of heat-related injuries are complex phenomena requiring the attention of law makers, athletic associations, school officials, coaches, athletic trainers, parents, and students.

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