The purpose of this thesis is to integrate visual arts to enhance narrative writing. In this study I address three questions: (1) Why should educators integrate the arts in their classroom? (2) How does the content benefit the student's participation? and (3) How can we connect visual arts into narrative writing? To answer these questions, I researched several elementary teachers across the United States who have integrated the arts in their lessons. I also have researched and found multiple benefits to educators integrating the arts in their classroom. For example, a former middle school teacher used visual representation to help students understand the meaning of a painting by drawing four quadrants and looking at the painting as four separate images. These four separate paintings tell a different story to how the painter created his piece of art.

All students have different learning abilities, and by using arts integration, teachers will have an easier time accommodating and motivating all students in the classroom. This thesis also focuses on how educators can benefit from using arts integration and studies regarding other educators who are already integrating the arts within the curriculum. To conclude my thesis, I have created and included a checklist that educators can use to facilitate narrative writing. In addition to the checklist, I have included one elementary narrative writing lesson plan to guide current and future educators how they can help students meet the state standards.

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Blanch, Norine


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