Autologous Skin Cell Spray-Transplantation as an Innovative Alternative to Autologous Split-Thickness Skin Grafts for Deep Partial Thickness Burn Wounds: An Integrative Literature Review

Alexandria M. Beaudet, University of Central Florida


Burn wounds tend to be a critical problem with a complicated healing process. Although advancements have been made and the treatment of burn wounds has improved significantly, the healing process for deep-partial thickness burn wounds remains problematic. The purpose of this thesis is to review the available literature on an innovate biotechnology, autologous skin cell-spray transplantation, to more effectively treat burn wounds and potentially other injuries in the future. This study was conducted by critically researching and comparing (N=7) peer-reviewed research articles focusing not only on burn wounds using traditional treatments, but also the treatment of burn wounds using revolutionary cell-spray autographing technologies. The findings in this thesis show significant enhancement using this innovative approach for the treatment of burn injuries, and presents pivotal information for future nursing research, clinical practice as well as policy and education.