Throughout the years the admission of Hispanic and or Latinx students to colleges and universities has risen dramatically. So much so that the relatively new concept of an HSI (Hispanic Serving Institute) was created; meaning that at least 25% of the student population of a university is Hispanic. This advancement for this Hispanic community is a huge advancement for the overall community, but how many of these Hispanic students are aware of the academic services that these universities offer. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the awareness of academic services and the participation and or engagement of those services amongst Hispanic, Latinx, and First-generation students. For this study 300, University of Central Florida students were asked to fill out a survey to further understand the awareness and participation of academic services at the University of Central Florida. This study was distributed through Qualtrics. Certain questions used a Likert scale and a combination of multiple-choice and open-ended questions to find out information on the engagement and or participation of services. I hypothesized that Hispanic and or Latinx students, once they are made to be aware of these academic services, the more likely they will participate and continue to engage in these services that are being offered to them. The expected findings for this study are that there as there is an increase in the awareness of services offered, the participation of those services will increase amongst the Hispanic student body. This information will be significant because it can help the university understand where they can improve to help their rapidly growing Hispanic population; this study can also be used to figure out what policies or other further implications that are needed to be created to help the Latinx population.

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