Various studies show a variety of interventions for radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity. Radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity is the most common side effect for women with breast cancer who undergo radiotherapy sessions. Intervention agents include topical creams, barrier films, oral agents, as well as laser therapy. However, despite the variety of intervention agents available, there is still a lack of accepted guidelines to manage radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity. This thesis aims to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of published randomized controlled trials with the primary purpose of exploring the available intervention methods to prevent radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity and evaluate the effects of different interventions for radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity among breast cancer patients. A total of 37 studies were included in the study. The overall results for the study revealed that the available interventions for radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity reside within non-steroid creams, steroid creams, oral supplements, laser therapy, and films. In addition, oral supplements were most effective in preventing radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity. Other groups showed preventive results but were not statistically significant, but other factors were taken into consideration. This systematic review and meta-analysis provide insight to oncologists by helping make better clinical decisions for their patients, having comprehensive evidence readily available to offer the best treatment for radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity and to have a more efficient overall treatment for breast cancer patients. Finally, this systematic review and meta-analysis can guide a path that leads to an accepted treatment for radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity.

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