The focus of this study was to analyze evidence-based classroom management practices and measure their effectiveness in enhancing organization in pre-kindergarten and elementary school classrooms. The scope was broken down into four purposes. The first purpose was to discover if teachers are currently using evidence-based classroom management strategies within their classrooms. The second purpose was to determine how regularly teachers are using these strategies within their classrooms. The third purpose was to conclude if teachers are finding these strategies to be effective in the classroom. The fourth purpose was to find what type of preparation and/or training have teachers received regarding evidence-based classroom management strategies. A total of 54 certified teachers in the Central Florida area responded to a questionnaire about evidence-based classroom management practices. The results of this study revealed that teachers are starting their first year of teaching feeling inadequately prepared in classroom management strategies. Also, the results indicated that teachers are knowledgeable about certain strategies and there is a correlation between the frequency a teacher implements a certain strategy in the classroom and its perceived effectiveness. In addition, the study revealed that the longer a teacher has been teaching in the field the more hours that teacher will receive in professional development training focused on classroom management strategies. Due to the limited responses, the results of the study are unable to be generalized based on data analysis.

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