The purpose of this study is to evaluate possible factors that have the potential to contribute to increased risk for endodontic disease. Some of the factors that were analyzed in this study include current diagnosis with systemic disease, particularly diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Association between these factors, treatment outcome, and prognosis have also been analyzed. Since the topic of endodontic medicine and its association with systemic disease is not fully explored in the literature, it is critical to conduct studies to further contribute to this topic. This study analyzed clinical data from patients who received treatment for endodontic disease between January 1 – December 30, 2019 at an endodontic office in Brevard County, Florida. During the spring semester of 2021, collected data was downloaded into SPSS and analyzed to evaluate the association between systemic diseases and endodontic disease. Both descriptive analysis and one-way ANOVA were utilized to test the proposed hypotheses. Results from one-way ANOVA among clinical assessment categories showed no significant difference between means of the systemic disease groups. For the impact of treatment on clinical assessment and prognosis, one-way ANOVA did show significant differences indicating potential impact of systemic disease on treatment outcome.

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