The purpose of this study is to investigate if campus involvement, either in high school or college, has a relationship with civic engagement after college. Current UCF students, who have at least finished their first year, will be surveyed about their high school involvement to determine if it is related to their college engagement; and, recent UCF Alumni, graduated between 2014-2018, will be surveyed to determine if there is a relationship between campus engagement and civic life after graduation. As well, the data will review other key aspects like campus location, race, gender, international status, motivations, religious affiliations, etc. The surveys were collected virtually over a few months through various social media platforms and then coded into a spreadsheet for analysis. This study is important because it will evaluate the connection between campus involvement and long-term civic engagement. With more students being invested in UCF's diverse and inclusive community, over time, their civic engagement will also increase. This will hopefully result in a better future for UCF's student leaders as they graduate and move on through their life. The results of this study indicated that there was a relationship between high school involvement and college campus involvement. However, there were no other statistically significant relationships or differences in the other research questions.

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Buckingham, Gregg


Seigler, Daniel


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