Development and stability in Sub-Saharan Africa : making the case for education in the developing world


In theory, education will lead to better healthcare, literacy rates, less poverty, increased tolerance for diversity, and increased career opportunities. More education will help ensure a brighter future for generations to come and help set a positive, successful example of development for countries that may still be grappling with issues related to unsuccessful development. Once a country has achieved steady development and stability, participation in the international economy will become easier, trade will become more fair and free, and a positive international reputation attractive to foreign investors will help set that society well on the path of more sophisticated checks and balances, transparency, accountability, and legitimacy. With all of this comes the replacement of the cycle of underdevelopment by the forward motion of progress with hope for fair political participation, equal rights, a vast array of educational and career opportunities, and happy and healthy futures for generations to come. Unfortunately, Sub-Saharan Africa has suffered from an endemic cycle by varying degrees of underdevelopment and resource mismanagement which has prevented most countries from reaching the aforementioned ideal situation. Using three case studies from the region, this research explores the economic background, social background, economic background, political background, historical evolution, education system settings, goals, and post-colonial educational development that has either led to positive growth and self-reliance as is the case with South Africa, continues to baffle Kenyans, or the complete lack thereof causing stagnation and exacerbation of current national social, political, and economic problems as is the case with Nigeria.


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