Aims & Scope

History of the Journal of Health Occupations Education

As written in 2001

Being a part of a journal’s history is very exciting, but I would be remiss in not acknowledging the initial efforts in establishing the Journal for Health Occupations Education (JHOE) and the continuing work through its’ history. Therefore you are asked to read this section before going further into any of the Journals.

The first issue of the Journal for Health Occupations Education (JHOE) was published in the spring of 1986. The following comments by the initial Editor, Dr. Norma Walters, University of Alabama, Birmingham, summarize the development of the JHOE: “At last, a long awaited dream—the Journal of Health Occupations Education, an official publication of the Health Occupations Education Division, of the American Vocational Association, has become a reality.” (p.ii) Dr. Walters continues in her comments by reminding us of the goal of the Journal: “…to facilitate communication among members of the profession across the nation on current research, methods, and findings in the field.” (p. ii) Lastly, she offers this support as potential authors: “Also, we invite you to take the plunge and begin writing. We cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be implemented, but we can guarantee that the editorial staff will respond to you in good faith. (p. ii) With those comments Dr. Walters initiated the first issue in spring 1986. Little did she even know that with the use of technologies, not even in existence to the general population back in 1986, that beginning in 1999, the Journal would be electronically published and available only on the Internet.

Beginning in the fall of 1992, Dr. Beverly Richards, North Carolina Sate University, assumed duties of Editorship. As Dr. Richards offered in one issue, fall 1994: “I want to thank the many authors, readers, and the editorial board for their direction in publishing the Journal. Without them, the Journal could never have reached its goals.” (p.ii) This is so true of any publication—readers and writers are critical for success. The Journal flourished from 1992-1995 because of the efforts of Dr. Richards.

In 1996 Dr. Rosie Hicks, The University of Iowa, became Editor. Dr. Hicks continued the quality of the Journal through spring 1999. In her last issue she reiterated the purpose of the Journal with these comments: “The Journal has provided current and relevant information to educators in health occupations …This issue is dedicated to health occupations educators and practitioners.” (p.ii)

Dr. Larry Hudson, University of Central Florida, became Editor starting with the fall 1999 issue. The goal has not really changed since 1986 and was restated in the first electronic issue: “The goal of this Journal is to provide information for and by classroom teachers and researchers to improve teaching and learning in Health Occupations Education. To that end articles from classroom teachers are encouraged.” (p.i) Beginning for the fall 1999 issue a print journal was no longer used and the Journal for Health Occupations Education joined the electronic age, becoming a Web-based publication. With support from the parent association the Journal was housed at the now named Association for Career & Technical Education on their Web site http://www.acteonline.org.

Through technologies that were not generally available in 1986 to the year 1999, a mere years, when the Web is ubiquitous and used by teachers in the classroom and at home on a daily basis. The purpose remains the same—to communicate with professionals in the field.

Now the Journal reaches a second electronic milestone that of being the first journal archived on the Web at the University of Central Florida Library. All past issues have been scanned, digitized, and saved in pdf format. Every issue since 1986 is available, on the Web, for reference and resource. With the cooperation of the UCF Library, Information technologies & Services, and the Office of Instructional Resources, especially the Digital Image Processing Lab (DIPL), this project was accomplished. Thank you very much for supporting a Web home for these Journals.

Most sincerely,

Larry Hudson, Ph. D.

Editor, Journal for Health Occupations Education