For the first time, in the state of Indiana, a model and precedent for meeting minimum high school science graduation requirements with a health occupations program has been accomplished. Because of the national and state thrust on improving education by increasing requirements for graduation and for sciences in particular, this model was developed to facilitate student completion of science courses prior to in-depth health occupations coursework. The Indianapolis Public Schools were granted permission to offer a four semester, eight-credit Integrated Human Studies course at the Health Professions Center during the summer of 1987. The course provides four credits in the area of science (biology and chemistry) and four credits in the health professions area under vocational-technical education. The course reorders biology, chemistry, and Introduction to Health Professions content so that, whenever possible, students will find immediate applications of science content in health professions skills they are learning concurrently. Students will use the four science credits towards minimum science high school graduation requirements.



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