Abstract: During the past decade, the microcomputer has become a powerful teaching tool in the delivery of student instruction and in the preparation of lessons and materials. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which health occupations education teachers in Florida were using the microcomputer in their personal and professional lives. The study focused on: (a) the computer literacy of health occupations education teachers; (b) the types of software being used for desktop publishing, word processing, data bases, spread sheets, style/grammar checker, graphics/presentations, gradebooks, test banks, statistics and communications; (c) the types of activities facilitated by word processing, data bases, spread sheets, and communications; (d) the ways hospitals were using computers and involving students; and (e) the computer methods teachers were using with health occupations education students. The findings indicated that the majority of respondents were using computers for a variety of activities at home and at work. Word processing activities were the most frequent computer application. The computer most often used, both at home and at work, was the IBM compatible; the word processing program used most often was WordPerfect. While the computer was being used with students for computer assisted instruction, this use seemed to be limited.



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