A collection of Nursing Masters Theses and Doctoral Dissertations.


Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Self-esteem in elementary school children with and without attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Diane Marie Berry

Fall prevention education program for seniors in a community environment, Myra M. Delaney

An evaluation of the impact of dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH) education on dietary compliance and blood pressure, Christine Idell DeSantis

Management of Patients with Congestive Heart Failure: Evaluation of Asherence to Practice Guidelines Based on Level of Care, Wanda Gerson Edington

The meaning of family as perceived by lesbian couples, Caroline Gertz

Educational Needs Assessment of Registered Nurses in Eleven Florida Counties Served by the University of Central Florida School of Nursing, Maria Lindsey

Integrative research review: perinatal management and outcomes of clients with oligohydramnios, Chiyo Gabriella Lombard

Physiologic and financial outcomes of neonates when birth occurs at 26, 28, 30, 32 and 34 gestational weeks, Jenny Yvonne Villa

Integrative research review of today's approach to endotracheal suctioning: closed system suctioning, Amy M. Wesley

Integrative research review: effect of music therapy on anxiety in patients with acute myocardial infarction in intensive care unit, Anna Mee Ting Yue

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Education for health promotores in Honduras, Wanda Morgan Abar

Perceived barriers, nutrition-related affect and positive nutritional practices of adolescents, Sandra Marie Bayer

Examination of burn patients' pain experience during resting conditions and procedures, Sharon Bridges

End of life decision-making : preparing an advanced directive, Mary Weaver Briganti

The Perceived Quality of Life and Functional Status of the Octogenarian Following Open Heart Surgery, Patricia L. Butler

Adult palliative care grief and bereavement resource guide, Jacqueline A. Felder

A Protocol for Acquisition of Medicinal Supplies for Health Care Missions Serving Third World Populations, Ann M. Gaffka

Pain management documentation of children in the emergency department, Janice P. Gregory

Domestic violence : are we assessing adequately?, Judy L. Housel

Quality of Life and Interventions in People Living With Fibromyaglia [sic] Syndrome, Dawn M. Jones

Integrative research review of adult asthma self-management programs, Susan G. Martin

Integrative research review : fetal fibronectin and cervical length as predictors of preterm labor, Susan Benvenuto McDonough

Cardiac rehabilitation and quality of life in elderly patients with heart disease, Margaret S. Mehring

Actions to protect the well being of a health care team in a third world country, Mary Kay Morrison

The development and revision of a clinical decision-making tool on hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women, Jennifer L. Snow

Education intervention project for parents of children with hydrocephalus, Kay R. Taylor

A model for age-appropriate health education for the elderly, Susan Ruth Waterbury

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Cultural beliefs of Indian women about breast cancer, Latha Babuji

A strategic marketing plan for the University of Central Florida Engelwood community family nursing clinic, Sanford Boaz

Munchausen syndrome by proxy : what do nurse practitioners know?, Denise B. Cochran

Symptom presentation and emergent treatment for the patient with exacerbated heart failure, Rosemarie A. Dunn

Health care professionals attitudes and behaviors toward breast-feeding, Mary Ann Gagen

Caregiver satisfaction with respite care services, Pamela Robin Griffin

Nutritional supplementation : an assessment tool for the primary care provider, Mary L. Hagood

TB epidemic in a community : a proposal for action, Kathleen L. Healy

Patient acceptance of nurse practitioners as primary care providers, Mary M. Leadbeater

A plan for implementation of a clinical data tool for wellness promotion in children, Lota Lee Luther

Issues Surrounding Daily Self Measurement of Blood Pressure and its Influence on Compliance Behaviors of Hypertensive Patients, Boney K. McGone

A correlational study of the applicability of the factors indentified in the McCubbin Resiliency Model to family caregivers for persons with alzheimer's disease, William Earl Meadors

Perceptions toward treatment reginmen in adults diagnosed with hypertension, Deborah L. Michalski

The development of a chest pain center, Claire F. Parros

Health care providers' perception of a clinical data tool for wellness promotion : the continuous wellness profile, Sonia Rangeloff

Cardiovascular disease : knowledge, motivation and risk factors in adults, Diane S. Reid

Senior satisfaction with the homemaker component of community based services, Kyle Maria Savitz

Reflections of having breast cancer in later life, Karen F. Tate

A Comparison of Physiologic and Financial Outcomes in Women and Their Newborns Where Labor was Induced, Augmented or Natural, Connie S. Warren

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

The effects of intercessory prayer on the spiritual well-being of hospitalized patients, Phyllis Estep

The meaning of presencing in parental bereavement, Deborah A. Frazer

Personality characteristics and satisfaction from caregiving in elderly male caregivers, Ann Mary Kershner

Adolescent female health promotion concerns, appearance concerns and positive health practices, Ana Rebecca Klenz

Primary care services : episodes of care for acute upper respiratory infections at a free homeless clinic, Patricia K. Lafferty

African american cultural health beliefs and coronary revascularization procedures, Lincoln Celeen Lindsay

Chf : combating heart failure in older americans, Kathleen R. Mader

Running head : purchasing a mobil health unit, Debra Moulavi

Ethnicity and Client Satisfaction in a Nurse Managed Clinic for Older Adults, Susan T. Scovell

Mothers' experiences in caring for a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Diana L. Smith

The Spiritual Dimension of Caring in Nursing: A Study of Spiritual Care Beliefs and Practices of Nurses, Donna M. Swinyar

Cultural beliefs of Pilipino Americans about cancer, Emlyn Tanuan Tobillo

Nurse Practitioners' Role in the Emergency Department Facilitators and Barriers to Practice as Viewed by Nurse Practitioners, Kathaleen Lea Tyrrel Skees

Melanoma and the Adolescent: A Pilot Research Study Exploring Adolescent Sun-protective Behaviors, Jennifer L. Warner

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

Assessment of the caregiver : a correlational study of quality of life and mutuality of co-resident family caregivers of elders, Laurel E. Ciccarello

A qualitative study of long term dietary modification for hypercholesterolemia, Virginia Ruth Corey

Ethnicity and satisfaction with primary health care providers among adults age 55 years and older, Marcia Dure

Self-esteem in pregnant adolescents, Beverly Robinson Gabriel

Pharmacological management of niddm : an exploratory descriptive study on nurse practitioner practice, Lou Anna House

Testicular cancer : the role of the nurse practitioner in early detection, Maxine E. Lesser

Factors associated with victimization of personnel in Central Florida emergency rooms, Betty Wendt Mayer

Hiv positive women : concerns for their children, Janet M. Raffa

Hepatitis B : influence of parental knowledge on intent to vaccinate, Angela K. Ritten

Homeless mothers : level of family functioning and perception of health care barriers, Brenda L. Rzeszutko

The attitudes and beliefs about breast cancer in haitian american women, Sandra Ruby Weisstein