Theses/Dissertations from 2009

United Nations organization : analysis of reform proposals in the areas of budget, secretariat and security council, Sabrina Stein

Inadequacies of the modernization theory : a critique, Shelly Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Circumcision : a cross country comparison between the United States and Australia, Chelsea D. Anderson

Identifying the key factors for success in anti-colonial movements : Hind-Swaraj and Indian civil rights in South Africa compared, Alex J. Berkun

Central Asian energy policy : cooperative non-zero sum policy on legal status and pipeline issues benefit local and global actors, Tyler Joshua Cain

Western marxism : uncovering the deficiency of economic determinism, Lawrence A. Cortright

A shock to the system : US foreign policy and the victories of the Latin American left, Eric V. Eingold

Measuring effectiveness in humanitarian aid organizations, Vernessa C. Engel


The legal status of the Caspian Sea, Namdar Hosseinzadeh

The effects of technology, demographic and economic factors on voter error : an analysis of the 2002 and 2006 Florida gubernatorial elections, Javed Khan

A look at the international manned space programs and the potential for cooperation, Ari S. Litwin

The Colombian crisis, Tania Sophia Luna

Ending impunity : establishing the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court, David J. Melvin

The foreign policy of non-democratic states, Adriana M. Paris

The fall of an insufficient barrier : testing the ballot access reforms of Florida constitution revision 11, Brian C. Rodgers

The relationship between the European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Balkans, Bonnie Schickler

Anti-Americanism in the Middle East : addressing the phenomenon and finding solutions, Arley A. Smude

Perspectives of a world citizen : a comparative analysis of cosmopolitan attitudes, Jennie E. Zilner

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

U.S.-Mexico Relations: A Future of Conflict or Cooperation?, Whelma Cabanawan

African Failed States and the Personal Rule Paradigm, Lacey Fitzpatrick

Multi-dimensional conflict and legistative gridlock : testing new theories and new measures : 1921-2004, Nathaniel M. Flint

Nuclear Paradox: A Comparison of Leadership in US-Iranian Relations, Emily Freeman

The Politics of Religious Black Nationalism: A Chronicle of the Missing Years 1930-1950, Kamyle Griffin

The Right to Privacy In The War On Terror: Constitutional Questions In Eavesdropping By The U.S. Government, Christopher Harbin

Disagreeing to Make Progress: The Effects of Congressional Incivility on Reform during the Progressive Era, Heather Harmer

How Could I Have Been So Stupid? A Theoretical Review of the Bay of Pigs Fiasco, Jaimee Henson

The Role of International Organizations in the Development of African States, Amy Jensen

Reluctant EU members : (title) / the politics and economics of the euro debate in Great Britain, Denmark, and Sweden, Courtney E. Jorgensen

Missions of UNESCO and U.S. Involvement, Chandni Khatri

The effects of Institutional models on electoral participation and democracy in the former Soviet Bloc, John King

Micro-Credit: A Sustainable Means of Poverty Alleviation for the Developing World, Ashley Lau

An analysis of groupthink's applications to the Vietnam and Iraq wars, Melissa Nicole McCrea

Before It Was History Someone Had to Live It: An Assesment of Malcolm X's Impact on Today's College Students, Jennifer Ngoie

The Foreign Policy of the United Arab Emirates: Past, Present, and Future Trends, Susan Novak

Political Islam and the Shaping of Iranian Foreign Relations, Bernard Ryan

Culture Crash: Analyzing the Implications of Transnational Terrorism, Joy Shively

Globalization versus Localization: A Comparative Global Analysis of the Attitudes of University Students, Evelyn Tonn

The United Arab Emirates: An Economic Role Model for the GCC, Danielle Upton

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

International Aid, Domestic Conflict, and Sudan's Crisis: A Qualitative Study of Sudan's Conflict, Olivia Allmand

Manifestations of Corruption: A Comparative Analysis of Ghana and Nigeria, Adam Axel

The 2004 Spanish Elections: Unpopular Foreign Policy and the Fall of the Popular Party, Melissa Buchanan

Personality Conflict vs. Partisan Conflict in the United States Congress, from 1851-2004, Paulina Burdge-Small

The Caspian Region: Arena for Clashing Civilizations?, Nathan Burns

Caricom: The Need for Caribbean Regional Integration, Luis Caraballo

The Global Migration Crisis: its effects on terrorism, Aida Latorre

Financing Terrorism: Examining State Sponsors, Narcoterrorism and Charities, Ericha Loch

Testing the Significance of Background in the Decline of Congressional Comity: an Analysis of Implicated Members, 1970-2005., Kerri Milita

Comparative Political Stability in Latin America: Case Studies in Costa Rica, Argentina, and Cuba, Rebekah Perdue

The Games Must Go On: The Struggle Between Internationalism and Nationalism in Modern Olympic Movement, Brittany Resmann

The Political Economy of World Trade Organization Dispute Resolution, Jeremy Roth

Haiti: A Nation Fallen from Grace and Into Despair, Kimberlie Saint Louis


The Effects of Perceptions of Crowding on Juror Attitudes and Decision-Making, Charles Short

Sex, Gender, Women and the Supreme Court: How the Supreme Court has Impacted Sexual Harassment Standards in Employment Practices., Maggie Sullivan

Vodou, Gender, and Sustainability: Critical Factors in Haitian Development, Norma Toussaint

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Comparative Roles in the European Union: France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Victoria Glenn

State Election Law and Votes for Third Parties in US House Races, Nora Hall

Love Thy Neighbor: Genocide in Africa, Rica Hudson

Azerbaijan: Oil-Rich Yet War-Torn, Shanae Joyce-Stringer

Challenges of Western democracies in the post-Cold War era, Aurelie-Laure Siou

Theses/Dissertations from 2004


Security of a Small State: Case of Kuwait, Shawn Adelwerth

Evaluating Dynamic Explanations for Immigration Legislation, Celeste Bulkley

Iran: Islam and Political Participation, Christopher Cusano

Back on the Agenda: The Establishment of International Criminal Court, Jennifer Isherwood

The Effects of Political Party Shifts on Voter Turnout in Latin America, Robert Luke

Regional Integration: The Case of Mercosur, Alinne Maze

The Combined Effects of HIV/AIDS and Structural Adjustment Programs on Ugandan Underdevelopment, Monika Thiboutot

A Just War Framework: Analyzing the 1991 Persian Gulf War and the 2003 Iraq War, Stephanie Zausmer

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

A Three Case Study: How the Media Portrays Women Senate Candidates, Sandra Y. Miles

The Three Rs of Militant Politics: Rhetoric, Radicalism and Realpolitik, Tammy Padgett

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Symbolic Messages and the Constitution: Random Drug-testing of Public School Students, Vernonia V. Acton (1995) and the Fourth Amendment, Amber Beaverson

AIDS policies in the developing world : a comparative study, David W. Oigarden

Islam in Chechnya: The Roots of Conflict, Michael Schwirtz

Globalization: A Kuwaiti Perspective, Shivali Sharma

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

A critical role, an uncertain future : the legacy of United Nations peacekeeping in Sub-Saharan African during the 1990s, Luke Forgerson

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Mass-elite dichotomy in application of risk theory, Alycia Kaczuwka

An argument advocating reform in the appellate process of U.S. capital cases, William L. Law

The unification of Africa: a goal or a dream?, Mike Pfister

Economic sanctions : an effective tool of foreign policy, Gwen Wainer

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Democracy and capitalism in Russia : a step backward for women?, Michelle Lee Eddleman

The feasibility of the international space station : economic and political problems faced by the international partners, Jennifer Hoffman

Instability in presidential and parliamentary systems : the cases of Costa Rica and Pakistan, Kamran Khurshid

US foreign relations in the Caspian Sea region, Dalton Edward McKeever

The transfer of nuclear technology in the post-cold war era, L. Jason Miller

The globalization hierarchy : an analysis of the relationship between globalization and the nation-state, Tania I. Shershin

From moral values to civic virtue : character education for the 21st century, Ronald A. Skinner

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Obstacles and ramifications of establishing an independent palestinian state, Said I. Jardaneh

North American free trade agreement and education as a component of sustainable development, Graciela Day Noriega

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Economic integration : economic cooperation organization, Audrey Lynn Harris

Surviving neoliberalism : the welfare state in Chile and Costa Rica, Orlando J. Sanchez

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

Political Culture and Ethnic Identification: An Analysis of Whites, African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian American, Nick Perenich