Rosen College researchers Dr. Xiaoxiao Fu and Dr. Youcheng Wang, along with a collaborator, have undertaken vital research to identify critical factors which heighten employee stress within the hospitality industry. Their research focuses specifically on the stresses associated with 'boundary-spanning' roles, where an employee is required to meet the expectations of both the organization and the customer. The research team go beyond previous attempts at understanding stress, utilizing motivational and emotional theories to shed new light on the nuances of hospitality stress. They also identify stress-protective factors that managers can leverage to reduce the negative impact of stress and motivate employees to go 'above and beyond' in their customer service.

Original Article

Wang, J.S., Fu, X. & Wang, Y. (2021). Can “bad” stressors spark “good” behaviors in frontline employees? Incorporating motivation and emotion. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 33(1), pp. 72. Available at: https://doi. org/10.1108/IJCHM-06-2020-0519