Effect Of Stainless Steel Substrate Thickness On The Cigss Thin Film Solar Cell


The objective of the work presented here is to develop an understanding about the effect of substrate thickness of flexible and ultra-lightweight stainless steel foil (SS) substrate on fabrication of CuIn1-xGaxSe2-ySy (CIGSS) absorber layer. A 430 grade of SS with two different surface thicknesses 127 μm and 25 μm having average surface roughness of 62.3 and 254 respectively were selected for experiments. Identical parameters were used for deposition and selenization/sulfurization for preparing CIGSS layer on both the substrates. It has been observed that the film grown on 127 μm is not as crystalline as compared to that formed on 25 μm substrate. There exist and additional ternary phase in the film prepared on 127 μm substrate. Selenization and sulfurization process parameters must therefore, be optimized to produce high quality films on each substrate.

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Proceedings of the Solar World Congress 2005: Bringing Water to the World, Including Proceedings of 34th ASES Annual Conference and Proceedings of 30th National Passive Solar Conference



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