Established in 1963, Florida Technological University, now the University of Central Florida, has undergone significant growth and expansion. As part of our efforts to preserve the historical record of UCF, we have created a tour of campus buildings that includes images and descriptions of their original purpose and subsequent incarnations. In regard to the unique design of our campus, the 2010-2020 Campus Master Plan Update states the following:

The inherent symbolic content of the campus plan should not be ignored. The rings of the Academic Core carry astronomical and astrological names. The helix shaped roadway which was to circumnavigate the core is symbolic of the basic structure of life, the double helix. All of the roadways are named after constellations. The apses of the roadways were to contain "academic villages" that were directly connected to the core, which in turn contained all of the major academic buildings. It could be argued that the original campus plan represents an encapsulated universe.

The Historical Tour of UCF Campus Buildings is an ongoing exhibit and will be updated periodically. Please visit us again in the future to see our new additions.

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