Inaccurate dosing of children’s liquid medication is a major problem that causes adverse effects for children every year. In order to prevent these errors, education for at risk parents is essential. A survey and observational study was done in order to identify parents/caregivers who make dosing errors when measuring out liquid medication for their children. A total of 25 parents/caregivers with children admitted to Arnold Palmer Hospital were included in this study. Study participants completed a survey that included demographic data as well as parenting experience. The parents were directly observed measuring a dose of corn syrup using Children’s liquid Tylenol® dosing instructions. The research participants were offered a variety of common measuring devices and they chose the one they most often used at home. Data indicated a high incidence of dosing errors made by a variety of participants. Of the 25 research participants, 13 (52%) made an error greater than 20% when measuring out the dose based on the provided instructions and their child’s weight. This data suggests nurses need to include dosing education for all parents at discharge. This study has shown that many parents are at risk for making errors when measuring medication. Effective discharge education on the importance of measuring medication accurately can prevent these errors and the adverse effects they cause.

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Allred, Kelly


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Open Access

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November 2016