Open Science Badges

The Journal of the Association for Communication Administration supports the initiative forwarded by the Center for Open Science (COS) and provides authors the opportunity to apply for one or more of the three badges that identify open science practices in research.

The purpose of the Open Science Badges is to promote and acknowledge practices that adhere to openness, a core value of scientific practice. The badges are incentives for researchers to share data, materials, or indicate that the data analysis plan and/or design was preregistered. The badges indicate to readers that the materials or data are publicly available in perpetuity.

More detailed information is available about the Open Sciences Badges Program.

Preregistered, Open Data, and Open Materials badges stacked

The Journal of the Association for Communication Administration supports the three current badges in the Open Sciences Program. To apply for the badge authors must complete the open practices disclosure form and return it to a member of the editorial team. The editorial team will then determine if the submission meets the criteria to qualify for a badge. An author may apply for one or all three of the available badges.

blue Open Data badge

The Open Data badge is awarded when digitally-shareable data necessary to reproduce the reported results are publicly available.

yellow Open Materials badge

The Open Materials badge is earned by making publicly available the components of the research methodology needed to reproduce the reported procedure and analysis.

red Preregistered badge

The Preregistered badge is earned for having a preregistered design.

For more information see the Open Sciences Badges Program or contact one of the editors.