Effectively teaching writing to multilingual learners (MLs) has been identified as one of the most prominent challenges currently facing educators. Collaborative writing has been identified as one promising pedagogical practice that responds to this challenge; however, little of the existing research focuses on the elementary level. This study seeks to address this gap in the literature, describing a design-based research study focused on collaborative writing with MLs in a diverse first-grade classroom. This paper showcases two iterations of collaborative writing, closely examining the how-to and opinion texts that two focal MLs produced with their peers. The evaluation of students’ writing revealed that their collaboratively produced texts varied across the writing activities. In some instances, the students’ texts exhibited their clear understanding of the genre, including its purpose and stages, as well as their ability to control and implement different language features. In other cases, their texts indicated that they needed further instruction or revision in specific areas. This paper concludes with implications for future research as it relates to collaborative writing with young MLs, underscoring the need for additional work in this area and the promise of this approach to writing instruction.



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