About This Journal

Published exclusively online twice a year, in the winter and summer, The Tapestry Journal is a scholarly refereed journal. It is grounded in the disciplines of second language acquisition and English as a second language, but its purpose is to integrate research and best practices in a variety of fields as they relate specifically to English language learners.

The Tapestry Journal's objective is to disseminate emerging research and best practices and seeks articles and commentaries concerning any aspect of educating English language learners in P-12 classrooms in the contexts where English is the main language of instruction, education approaches, standards-based education, best practices in teaching language and content, technology-assisted instruction, assessment, accountability issues, counseling, social services, and community initiatives. The journal reaches out to those who assist ELLs in their daily lives and those who prepare for such a career. The editors are particularly interested in manuscripts that focus on the following:

  • Research and Theory pertaining to the education of English language learners in mainstream classrooms;
  • Effective Practices impacting classroom instruction, student achievement, clinical experiences, and student or family services; and
  • Commentaries describing policies, practices, issues, and challenges affecting the education of English language learners.

The Tapestry Journal is a joint effort between Miami University, the University of Central Florida, the University of Texas Tyler, and Stetson University.