This study investigates the effects of task demonstrability and replacing a human advisor with a machine advisor. Outcome measures include advice-utilization (trust), the perception of advisors, and decision-maker emotions. Participants were randomly assigned to make a series of forecasts dealing with either humanitarian planning (low demonstrability) or management (high demonstrability). Participants received advice from either a machine advisor only, a human advisor only, or their advisor was replaced with the other type of advisor (human/machine) midway through the experiment. Decision-makers rated human advisors as more expert, more useful, and more similar. Perception effects were strongest when a human advisor was replaced by a machine. Decision-makers also experienced more negative emotions, lower reciprocity, and faulted their advisor more for mistakes when a human was replaced by a machine.



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Andrew Prahl 0000-0003-3675-3007

Lyn Van Swol 0000-0002-2484-748X