This study examines the role of voice-based assistants (VBAs), specifically Alexa, in the mediatization paradigm framework. The authors hypothesize that emerging technologies such as chatbots and VBAs intensify the process of online meta-reintermediation of news. Three research questions were investigated through a questionnaire administered to 655 university students in the US and Italy: Do participants try to get news from Alexa? Are participants aware that VBAs represent a case of meta-reintermediation of news? Does Alexa contribute to the potential hybridization of news, information, and knowledge? The analysis of 451 open-ended answers showed that only a fraction of participants searches for news and information from Alexa, and most are unaware of the meta-reintermediation process. However, the use of Alexa contributes to the potential hybridization of news, information, and knowledge, making the mediatization process increasingly complex and hard to decipher by users.



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Leopoldina Fortunati: 0000-0001-9691-6870

Autumn Edwards: 0000-0002-5963-197X

Chad Edwards: 0000-0002-1053-6349