The Honors Undergraduate Thesis Program provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to engage in original and independent research as principal investigators. Over the course of two to four semesters, students work closely with a faculty committee to research, write, defend and publish an Honors thesis that serves as the capstone product of their undergraduate career. This thesis is published through the university library and is available to researchers worldwide through electronic databases. Please visit the Honors Undergraduate Thesis website for compete information.

This collection contains records for Honors theses completed at UCF. Links to electronic versions are included when available. If your Honors thesis is only in print, you can help us make it available online for use by researchers around the world by downloading and filling out the distribution consent form here.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Efficient data structures for discovery in high level architecture (HLA), Hibah Rahmani

A right to pray: the necessity of a school prayer amendment, Natausha Samuels

Non-surgical methods and nursing roles in the management of low back pain, Sherry K. Samuels

Communicative interactions in predicting successful outcomes in hostage negotiation incidents, Mary M. Schmidt

Network and system security in an information age, Michael N. B. Scully

Bed and breakfast industry analysis, Laina M. Silvasy

Glass houses: the end of privacy, Angela M. Sinkovits

Instillation of Normal Saline During Endotracheal Suctioning: A Synthesis of Extant Research, Samuel Smith

A comparative analysis of regression and neural networks in simulation metamodeling, Eyitope St. Matthew Daniel

Analysis of the relationship between women's perceived body image and variables related to personal happiness and satisfaction, Rachel R. Stokes

The Effects of Exercise and Teaching Intervention on Youth with Behavioral and Emotional Disabilities, Richard Tucci

Economic sanctions : an effective tool of foreign policy, Gwen Wainer

Practical Application of Montessori Philosophy and Practice in a Public School Setting, Tracy White

Media role model influence on adolescent identity development, Brandy J. Whittenton

Factors influencing the decision to provide ElderCare Plus assurance services, Melanie Ann Wilson

The efficacy of Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Meta-analysis, Noel Wood

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

The alternative tradition of womanhood in nineteenth-century African-American women's writings, Farrah M. Cato

Teaching for understanding : classroom observations of this approach at two different elementary schools, Lori Lightsey Chandley

Liquidity of depository institutions and the use of federal home loan bank advances, David J. Cooper

Government access to wiretapping and eavesdropping information : an argument for statutory reform in Florida, Nicole D. Davis

Democracy and capitalism in Russia : a step backward for women?, Michelle Lee Eddleman

Measured and predicted energy consumption in entry level homes, Brian Fuehrlein

Determinants of exercise activity in an older population : a replication and extension, Andreea Pantea Gallagher

Everybody else's girl, Bambi Gerrard

Recycled, Don Goggans