This article is the first in our new category, Teaching Tips. These are practitioner articles designed to enhance existing in-service teacher's classroom strategies with ELs.

Parental involvement may be the strongest predictor of a child receiving a solid education. This means it is vital that teachers and administrators understand the students’ families’ culture and the way they view education. We also must be proactive with them so that we can empower them with literacy strategies to ensure academic success. Also, many English Language Learner (ELL) families are not familiar with the school system in the United States and may be intimidated to speak up.

We must first shatter this myth that ELL parents/families do not care. Then, it becomes the responsibility of an educator to empower and engage them to ensure not only a smooth transition into a new language and the school but also to future success. Engaging the families and promoting the contributions of ELL families will only help schools work for the benefit of the entire community.



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