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The creation and discovery of knowledge stands at the heart of university life, and the URJ encourages students to participate in this exciting endeavor. No matter your major, from engineering to history, from nursing to statistics, from education to hospitality management and anything and everything between, your field of interest relies on the next generation of scholars to devise new interpretations and solutions for further progress to be attained. Essays submitted for publication in the URJ are formally reviewed by experts in the relevant field and are held to exacting academic standards of originality, accuracy, and presentation. Through this process, we hope that students will develop their skills as writers and researchers, as we also hope to inspire others to undertake research when they read these exemplary articles on an array of fascinating subjects.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis: student research articles, essays, and adapted thesis projects are eligible for submission.

SUBMIT original research
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We offer consultations on how to take your research and present it in manuscript format. Email or call with your questions.

Most Recent Archived Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2