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Editor’s Welcome

The creation and discovery of knowledge stands at the heart of university life, and the UCF URJ encourages students to participate in this exciting endeavor. No matter your major, research relies on your generation of scholars to devise new interpretations and solutions to further progress. Essays submitted for publication in the UCF URJ  are double-blind peer-reviewed by experts in their field and are held to exacting academic standards of originality, accuracy, and presentation. Through this process, you can develop your skills as researchers and writers, and inspire others to undertake research thanks to your exemplary articles on fascinating subjects.

Please contact us with any questions and and submit your original research for publication in the Pegasus Review: UCF Undergraduate Research Journal.


Charlotte Trinquet du Lys 
Faculty Editor, UCF Undergraduate Research Journal
Trevor Colbourn Hall, Suite 205A
Orlando, FL 32816-1906 
(407) 823-0101 


The Pegasus Review: UCF Undergraduate Research Journal’s mission is to showcase articles of exemplary works from a wide range of student scholarship in all fields. The journal seeks outstanding research submitted by undergraduate students who have been involved in faculty-mentored research projects and activities related to scholarship.

Publication Format

The URJ is published online, as well as in PDF format to allow for on-demand print publication. Additionally, manuscripts published in the URJ are cataloged through EBSCO host, an internationally recognized research database which provides access to thousands of journals and articles. Inclusion in the EBSCO database provides even greater opportunity to showcase and disseminate the research conducted by UCF's undergraduate students.