UCF Libraries Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2008: Barbara Mascareno-Shaw: "Computational Analysis of Broad Complex Zinc-Finger Transcription Factors". Originally published in 2006.

2009: Antoinette Bazunu: "Are Florida's Children Safe? Evaluating Safety in District 7 Privatized Child Welfare Services".

2010: Jitka Perutkova: "Consumers' Willingness to Pay and to Patronize According to Major Restaurant Attributes".

2011: Sabbagh, Marie; Hare, Tess; Wheelhouse, Erika; and McFarland, Holly: "Self-silencing in response to sexist Behavior: Exploring Women’s Willingness to Confront sexism".

2012: Ross Cotton: "Political Participation and E-Petitioning: An Analysis of the Policy-Making Impact of the Scottish Parliament's E-Petition System".

2013: Michael Brooks: "Civilizing the Metropole: The Role of the1889 Parisian Universal Exposition’s Colonial Exhibits in Creating Greater France".

2014: No info available.

2015: Kaylin Ratner: "The Role of Parenting and Attachment in Identity Style Development".

2016: Tayler Truhan: "Parentification in Deployed and Non-Deployed Military Families: A Preliminary Assessment".

2017: Casey Craig, Courtney Buck,Chelsea Landau, and Jordan Filipponi: "The Impact of Crown Conch on Intertidal Oyster Populations in Mosquito Lagoon".

2018: Aaron Necaise: "Perception of Facial Expressions in Social Anxiety and Gaze Anxiety".

2019: Kyle Dittmer: "Temperature Effects on Greenhouse Gas Production From Treatment Wetland Soils Along a Nutrient Gradient".

2020: Katherine Harris: "Oyster Reef Restoration: Impacts on Infaunal Communities in a Shallow Water Estuary".

2021: Saphronia Carson: "Eat Like a White Man: Meat-Eating, Masculinity, and Neo-Colonialism".

2022: Diamonde McCollum: "Associations Between Childhood Sexual Abuse, Adult Sexual Assault Experiences, Psychological Distress, and Substance Use".