Charlotte Trinquet du Lys, Ph.D
Associate Professor of French, Modern Languages and Literatures
Affiliate Professor of Women and Gender Studies and Medieval and Renaissance Studies
University of Central Florida

PhD in Romance Languages, UNC-Chapel Hill
M.A in French, UNC-Chapel Hill
M.S in Communication, EFAP, Paris
Research Interests:
Early Modern French Women Writers; The Transmission of European Fairy Tales from Antiquity to Today in Literature and Folklore; Gender Bending and Feminism in Early Modern French Fairy Tales; Women Warriors.
Favorite Research Experience:
In the early 2000s, I researched the transmission of a 1697 fairy tale of the Cinderella type written by Madame d’Aulnoy, that was orally told by Mr. Bourisaw, an analphabet Francophone mine worker in the Ozarks in the early 1910s. I was trying to figure out if Madame d’Aulnoy rewrote a folktale, or if d’Aulnoy’s tale was folklorized (a word I invented in the process), as the tale left no trace in the French folklore. Not being able to find my answer via the typical literary research avenues, I went on a kind of “History Detectives” adventure, and I found Mr. Bourisaw’s great-grand daughter, and via a Canadian trail, I deciphered not only the journey of the fairy tale through space and time, but also the origins of the Missourian family, from a village in Poitou, France. The great-grand daughter gathered some family members and they all went to the Poitou region to find more about their origins, and I proved that d’Aulnoy’s tale had been folklorized via a fairytale chapbook from the 18th century that traveled to Canada and then to Sainte-Catherine, Missouri, proving my dear point that not all fairy tales are folk in origins!
Hobbies: discovering new cultures, having interesting discussions with family and friends, gardening, playing with my dogs, binging Netflix series (not writing and reading because I spend the rest of my time doing exactly that ;-)

Associate Editor

Grant Glavin

Currently pursuing a B.A. in English Literature while completing an Honors Undergraduate Thesis.
Research Interests:
Mythology, folktales, and fairy stories. I have a strong interest in Tolkien and his works, and I hope to continue studying them in an academic setting.
Favorite College Experience:
What I'm currently doing! I love editing here and working towards completing my undergrad thesis on Tolkien.
Hobbies: Reading, writing stories, listening to music, and spoiling my lazy cat.

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