This collection contains Honors in the Major theses completed in Arts & Humanities.


Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Discovering the postmodern graphic novel in the works of Alan Moore, Justin S. Schumaker

Rest in peace : a study in solo performance, Kelli Rose Sleigh

Debates in sacred music from the protestant reformation to the modern United States : Martin Luther, John Calvin, and modern reformed Baptist, Carissa R. Van Dalen

Side by side : a narrative poetry collection, Chris Wiewiora

Loco por ti : the creation of a new, biblingual musical for young audiences to teach english as a second langauge, Hunter Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

A study in scenic design for August Wilson's The Piano Lesson, William H. Boles

Don't be a fool - play the man! : imperial masculinity in victorian adventure novels, Brittany Broussard

The man and the creation : an inquiry into the modern fascination of king Tutankhamun, Sarah A. Doerr

Queering canterbury, Jennifer R. Farmer

That very middle way the history and historiography of Puritan ideas, Thomas J. Gillan

(M)otherhood : the mother symbol in postcolonial francophone literature from West Africa and the Caribbean, Brittany Austin Glenn

Alexander the Great : anointed with lighting, Michael T. Jahosky

Roman women : a study of public sculpture and its significance in the autgustan program of cultural reform, Stephanie Ann Jordan

Traumatic desire in three gothic texts : The Monk, Dracula, and Lost, Miranda S. Kearley

The gift of chains, Kristina Kopic

Drunk on new wine : Dionysian transformation and nascent Christianity, Jonathan J. Koscheski


Redefining Art as an Experience, Pedro Zasciurinskis Lopes

A reanalysis of the role of Philippa of Lancaster, queen of Portugal in the expedition to Ceuta, 1415, Christopher Mielke

A study of historical dance forms and their relation to musical theatre choreography, Louis Anthony Pauza

Matrilineal memories : revisionist histories in three contemporary Afro-American women's novels, Jeannina Perez

A comparison : the motives and practices of Western and Maasai culture, Daniel J. Razzano

On the moral relevance of nonhuman animals, Erin A. Rullo

Reconciling representationalism : an ontological solution, Gary S. Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

A Legacy of Instability: Western Influences on the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jessica Achberger

In Support of Lynn White: Rethinking Christian Theology in light of the Ecological Crisis, Stephanie Cato

Snapdragon and other short stories, Janelle J. Davis

Covers : social significance of apparel in portraiture, Amanda Farrell

Grow up : stories, Jason Alexander Gallaty

Rhythmic Emancipation, Confrontation and Triumph: An Analysis of String Quartets Nos. 1 and 4 by Bela Bartok, Catherine Gargiulo

Do you see what I see? : a visual artist's exploration of African American women and obsessions with visual appearance, Leah R. Gipson

Misogynous or misunderstood? : a false dichotomy for understanding women's roles in gnostic writings, David Givens

A Thousand Words: Responses to Photographs, Stephanie Gonzalez

Middle East Policy and Nixon: The Tragedy of the October War, Aaron Henson

Civilized Dancing: The Evolution of Ballroom Dancing from African Trance and Folk Dance, Patsy Holden

Blaming the victim : patriarchal anthropology and the legal culpability of female rape victims, Amy Lawton

Walk in Water, Andrew Moore

Advances in art restoration involving computers and nanotechnology, Elizabeth A. Rosenthal

Ann's Loves, Sarah Sayahi

Working for Play, Jonathan E. Scarboro

On Surfing Films: An Aesthetic Study, John Storm

Musical Spirituality: The Transformative Power of Popular Music, Seth Walker

Ideas of space, Carson A. Wampler

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Small Gestures, Marcia Brooks

James Ensor: Northern European Art and the Carnivalesque, Bryce Dwyer

Paradoxes of the American Megachurch, Matthew Fisk

Willing Participant: The Emergent Sexuality of Post-Feminist Women, Ashley Ford

Resplendent Ares: Critical Analysis of the Modernist Discourse of Mars, Jae Jerkins

Avant-garde across a Century: Erik Satie and Sonic Youth, Emily Scott

Following a Religion without Religion: Is Derrida's Concept of "Pure Forgiveness" Merely and Impossible Dream?, Corey Stewart