Human-Machine Communication focuses on the theory and practice of communication with and about digital interlocutors, which may take the form of artificial conversation entities, artificially intelligent software, embodied machine communicators (robots), and technologically-augmented persons (cyborgs), as well as on communication in the context of machine spaces (virtual and augmented realities) and human-machine configurations. Additionally, the journal will publish contributions that shed light on the relationship between human and machine, as constructed through discourse and interaction.

Call for Papers (Special Issue): “Diffusion of Human-Machine Communication During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic”

The deadline for submissions for V3 will be June 15, 2021, and the publication will be in Feb 2022.

Current Volume: Volume 1 (2020) Inaugural Volume




Interlocutors and Interactions: Examining the Interactions Between Students With Complex Communication Needs, Teachers, and Eye-Gaze Technology
Rhonda McEwen, Asiya Atcha, Michelle Lui, Roula Shimaly, Amrita Maharaj, Syed Ali, and Stacie Carroll


Sharing Stress With a Robot: What Would a Robot Say?
Honson Y. Ling and Elin A. Björling

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Leopoldina Fortunati

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