Submissions from 2010

Youtube And Video Quizzes, Kevin Yee and Jace Hargis

Numerical Modeling Of Coupled Fluid Flow And Thermal And Reactive Biogeochemical Transport In Porous And Fractured Media, Gour Tsyh Yeh, Yilin Fang, Fan Zhang, Jiangtao Sun, and Yuan Li

The Impact Of Urbanization Of Wekiva Springshed On Groudwater, Gour Tsyh George Yeh and Yuan Li

Job Stress: Its Relationship To Hospital Pharmacists' Insomnia And Work Outcomes, Ying Chen Yeh, Blossom Yen Ju Lin, Wen Hung Lin, and Thomas T.H. Wan

Surface Vibrational Thermodynamics From Ab Initio Calculations For Fcc(1 0 0), Handan Yildirim, Abdelkader Kara, Talat S. Rahman, Rolf Heid, and Klaus Peter Bohnen

Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equations With Mixed Initial-Terminal Conditions, Jiongmin Yong

A Direct Quadrature Based Nonlinear Filtering With Extended Kalman Filter Update For Orbit Determination, Jangho Yoon, Yunjun Xu, and Prakash Vedula

Alternating Direction Implicit Method-Based Nonlinear Filtering For Relative Orbit Estimation, J. Yoon and Y. Xu

Optimisation Of Electrode Structure To Improve The Electro-Optic Characteristics Of Liquid Crystal Display Based On The Kerr Effect, Sukin Yoon, Miyoung Kim, Min Su Kim, Byeong Gyun Kang, and Mi Kyung Kim

Acceleration Of Chemical Degradation Of Perfluorosulfonic Acid Ionomer Membrane By Mechanical Stress: Experimental Evidence, W. Yoon and X. Huang

A Multiphysics Model Of Pem Fuel Cell Incorporating The Cell Compression Effects, Wonseok Yoon and Xinyu Huang

Study Of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Degradation Under Ocv Hold Using Bilayer Meas, Wonseok Yoon and Xinyu Huang

Experimental Validation Of A Constitutive Model For Lonomer Membrane In Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (Pemfc), Wonseok Yoon, Xinyu Huang, and Roham Solasi

Mcp-1 Causes Cardiomyoblast Death Via Autophagy Resulting From Er Stress Caused By Oxidative Stress Generated By Inducing A Novel Zinc-Finger Protein, Mcpip, Craig W. Younce and Pappachan E. Kolattukudy

Hyperglycaemia-Induced Cardiomyocyte Death Is Mediated Via Mcp-1 Production And Induction Of A Novel Zinc-Finger Protein Mcpip, Craig W. Younce, Kangkai Wang, and Pappachan E. Kolattukudy

Excel In Mathematics: Applications Of Calculus, Cynthia Young, Michael Georgiopoulos, Tace Crouse, Cherie Geiger, and Alvaro Islas

Towards A Holistic Review Of Pan-Africanism: Linking The Idea And The Movement, Kurt B. Young

Towards An 8Th Pan-African Congress: The Evolution Of The Race-Class Debate, Kurt B. Young

Smooth Time-Varying Pure Feedback Control For Chained Non-Holonomic Systems With Exponential Convergent Rate, H. Yuan and Z. Qu

Voltage Stress Effect On Class Ab Power Amplifier And Mixed-Signal Sample-Hold Circuit, J. S. Yuan and J. Ma

Impact Of Strain On Hot Electron Reliability Of Dual-Band Power Amplifier And Integrated Lna-Mixer Rf Performances, J. S. Yuan, J. Ma, W. K. Yeh, and C. W. Hsu

Exploring The Survival Threshold: A Study Of Salinity Tolerance Of The Nonnative Mussel Mytella Charruana, Wei Yuan, Linda J. Walters, Kimberly R. Schneider, and Eric A. Hoffman

Algorithms For Divisible Load Scheduling Of Data-Intensive Applications, Chen Yu and Dan C. Marinescu

Efficient And Tunable Light Trapping Thin Films, Feng Yu, Haining Wang, and Shengli Zou

A New Class Of 3-D Filter/Antenna Integration With High Quality Factor And High Efficiency, Yazid Yusuf and Xun Gong

Gradient Decrement Of Annealing Time Can Improve Pcr With Fluorescent-Labeled Primers, Su Lin Yu, Yue Qin Tang, Yan Li, Husen Zhang, and Xiao Lei Wu

Synthesis Of Sifec Magnetoceramics From Reverse Polycarbosilane-Based Microemulsions, Yuxi Yu, Linan An, Yaohan Chen, and Daxiang Yang

Minimisation Of The Wall Shear Stress Gradients In Bypass Grafts Anastomoses Using Meshless Cfd And Genetic Algorithms Optimisation, Zaher El Zahab, Eduardo Divo, and Alain Kassab

Accurate Image Localization Based On Google Maps Street View, Amir Roshan Zamir and Mubarak Shah

Integration Of Computer Imaging And Sensor Data For Structural Health Monitoring Of Bridges, R. Zaurin and F. N. Catbas

Structural Health Monitoring For Damage Detection Based On Integration Of Computer Imaging And Sensor Data, R. Zaurin and F. N. Catbas

Surface Extra-Vehicular Activity Emergency Scenario Management: Tools, Procedures, And Geologically Related Implications, Luis Zea, Alejandro R. Diaz, Charles K. Shepherd, and Ranganathan Kumar

Conjugated Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Composites, Lei Zhai

Encapsulated Nano-Heat-Sinks For Thermal Management Of Heterogeneous Chemical Reactions, Minghui Zhang, Yan Hong, Shujiang Ding, Jianjun Hu, and Yunxiao Fan

Comparison Of Nursing Home Care Between The Usa And China, Ning Jackie Zhang, Thomas T.H. Wan, Gerald Mark Breen, Lynn Unruh, and Sam Marathe

A Low-Energy Room-Temperature Hydrogen Nanosensor: Utilizing The Schottky Barriers At The Electrode/Sensing-Material Interfaces, Peng Zhang, Abhilash Vincent, Amit Kumar, Sudipta Seal, and Hyoung Jin Cho

A New Digital Controller For A Single Stage Bi-Flyback Pfc Converter, Qian Zhang, Osama Abdel-Rahman, John Shen, and Issa Batarseh

Computational Tools For Rna Structural Motif Identification, Shaojie Zhang and Cuncong Zhong

Assembly Of Vesicles Into Fractal And Prong Patterns On Substrates, Xuejun Zhang and Jiyu Fang

Fluorescent Composite Tubes With Ph-Controlled Shapes, Xuejun Zhang, Mona Mathew, Andre J. Gesquiere, and Jiyu Fang

Self-Assembly Of Ph-Switchable Spiral Tubes: Supramolecular Chemical Springs, Xuejun Zhang, Jianhua Zou, Karan Tamhane, Fred F. Kobzeff, and Jiyu Fang

Magnetic-Bottle Electron Spectrometer For Measuring Isolated 25 As Pulses, Kun Zhao, Qi Zhang, Steve Gilbertson, Michael Chini, and Sabih Khan

Recognizing Household Activities From Human Motion Data Using Active Learning And Feature Selection, Liyue Zhao, Xi Wang, and Gita Sukthankar

Motif Discovery And Feature Selection For Crf-Based Activity Recognition, Liyue Zhao, Xi Wang, Gita Sukthankar, and Rahul Sukthankar

Nursing Home Quality: Does Financial Performance Matter?, Mei Zhao, Reid M. Oetjen, Jo Ann M. Nolin, and Henry J. Carretta

Nursing Home Quality: Does Financial Performance Matter?, Mei Zhao, Reid M. Oetjen, Joann M. Nolin, and Henry J. Carretta

Data Gathering Strategies In Wireless Sensor Networks Using A Mobile Sink, Zhi Zhong, Dayong Luo, Shaoqiang Liu, Xiaoping Fan, and Zhihua Qu

Lumped Node Thermal Modeling Of Ema With Fea Validation, Lei Zhou, Quinn Leland, Earl Gregory, Wendell Brokaw, and Louis Chow

A New Method To Evaluate Effectiveness Of Cdm Esd Protection, Yuanzhong Zhou, Jean Jacques Hajjar, David F. Ellis, Andrew H. Olney, and Juin J. Liou

Morphology, Thermal Stability, And Flammability Of Carbon Nanofiber-Clay Based Nanocomposites, Jinfeng Zhuge, Yong Tang, Jihua Gou, Ruey Hung Chen, and Christopher Ibeh

Study Of Synergistic Fire Retardancy Of Nanoparticles In Polymer Matrix Composites, Jinfeng Zhuge, Yong Tang, Jihua Gou, Ruey Hung Chen, and Christopher Lbeh

Study Of Fire Retardant Performance Of Composite Coated With Clay Containing Hybrid Carbon Nanofiber Paper, J. Zhuge, Y. Tang, J. Gou, R. Chen, and C. Ibeh

Story Representation In Analogy-Based Story Generation In Riu, Jichen Zhu and Santiago Ontanon

Towards Analogy-Based Story Generation, Jichen Zhu and Santiago Ontañón

Learning To Recognize Shadows In Monochromatic Natural Images, Jiejie Zhu, Kegan G.G. Samuel, Syed Z. Masood, and Marshall F. Tappen

Spatial-Temporal Fusion For High Accuracy Depth Maps Using Dynamic Mrfs, Jiejie Zhu, Liang Wang, Jizhou Gao, and Ruigang Yang

Experimental Demonstration Of Xpm Compensation For Wdm Fibre Transmission, L. Zhu, F. Yaman, and G. Li

Mid-Infrared Wavelength Conversion In Silicon Waveguides Using Ultracompact Telecom-Band-Derived Pump Source, Sanja Zlatanovic, Jung S. Park, Slaven Moro, Jose M.Chavez Boggio, and Ivan B. Divliansky

Nonlinear Mixing In Silicon Waveguides For Swir And Mid-Ir Applications, S. Zlatanovic, J. S. Park, S. Moro, J. M. Chavez-Boggio, and F. Gholami

Director Configuration Of Liquid-Crystal Droplets Encapsulated By Polyelectrolytes, Jianhua Zou and Jiyu Fang

Ultralight Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Aerogel, Jianhua Zou, Jianhua Liu, Ajay Singh Karakoti, Amit Kumar, and Daeha Joung

Dispersing And Functionalizing Carbon Nanotubes Using Conjugated Block Copolymers, Jianhua Zou, Jianhua Liu, and Lei Zhai