Theses/Dissertations from 2008


Chromatographic And Mass Spectral Analyses Of Oligosaccharides And Indigo Dye Extracted From Cotton Textiles With Manova And Ano, Jessica Frisch


Development And Forensic Application Of Dye Probe Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer For Improved Detection Of Changes In Dn, Micah Halpern


The Development of a "Genetic Eyewitness" Profiling System For Low Template Forensic Specimens: Identification of Novel Protein, RNA, and DNA Biomarkers, Erin Hanson


Forensic Analysis Of Automobile Paints By Atomic And Molecular Spectroscopic Methods And Statistical Data Analyses, Erin McIntee


Solution Processible Aromatic Polyimides Via Diels Alder Precursor, Saral Shah

Theses/Dissertations from 2007


Singlet Oxygen Generation Using New Fluorene-based Photosensitizers Under One- And Two-photon Excitation, Stephen James Andrasik


Discrimination Of Forensic Trace Evidence Using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, Candice Bridge


Two-photon 3d Optical Data Storage Via Fluorescence Modulation Of Fluorene Dyes By Photochromic Diarylethenes, Claudia Corredor


Remediation Of Heavy Metal Contamination In Sediments: Application Of In Situ Treatment Utilizing Emulsified Liquid Membrane An, Deborah Maxwell


Analysis Of Mitochondrial Dna Coding Region Snps By Pyrosequencing, Kyle Robert Carl Parker


Synthesis Of Novel Aziridine Derivatives Of Podocarpic Acid, Stephen Rhoden


Analytical Potential Of Polymerized Liposomes Bound To Lanthanide Ions For Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Of Proteins, Marina Santos


Forensic Analysis Of C-4 And Commercial Blasting Agents For Possible Discrimination, Katie Steele


Analytical Evaluation Of The Fluorescence Characteristics Of Metabolites Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons At Room, Liquid Nitrogen And Liquid Helium Temperatures, Keerthika Vatsavai


Advances In Fire Debris Analysis, Mary Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2006


Discrimination Of Automobile Carpet Fibers Using Multiple Analytical Techniques And The Subsequent Creation Of A Searchable Data, Derek Dorrien


Truly Non Invasive Glucose Optical Sensor Based On Metal Nanoparticles Generation, Marisol Garcia


Performance Efficacy Using A Comparison Of Commerical And In-house Y-str Multiplex Systems For Operational Use, Kathleen Mayntz-Press


Analytical Potential Of Polymerized Liposomes Bound To Lanthanide Ions For Qualitative And Quantitative Analysis Of Proteins, Marina Santos


Simplified Low Copy Number Dna Analysis By Post Pcr Purification, Pamela Smith


New Developments On High-resolution Luminescence Spectroscopy And Their Application To The Direct Analysis Of Organic Pollutants, Shenjiang Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2005


Synthesis, Characterizations, And Evaluation Of New Reactive Two-photon Absorbing Dyes For Two-photon Excited Fluorescence Imaging Applications, Katherine J. Hales


Assessment And In Vitro Repair Of Damaged Dna Templates From Forensic Stains, Ashley Hall


Messenger Rna Profiling: A Prototype Method For Body Fluidand Tissue Identification, Jane Juusola


In Situ Remediation Of Heavy Metal Contaminated Sediments Using Emulsified Zero-valent Metal Particles, Kristen Marie Milum


Synthesis Of Alkylthiol-containing Fluorene Derivatives For Gold Nanoparticle Functionalization, Sriram Mukundarajan


Recovery Of Hydrogen And Helium From Their Mixtures Using Metal Hydrides, Muzaffer Tonguc Oztek


Structural Study Of Disease Related Proteins, Ayse Sinem Ozyurt


The Use And Development Of Laser Microdissection To Separate Spermatozoa From Epithelial Cells For Str Analysis, Christine Sanders


Reaction Rates For The Dehalogenation Of Trichloroethylene Using Various Types Of Zero-valent Iron, Neil Stewart


Part I : Isolation Of Dipentyl 2-(4-(pentan-3-yl) Phenyl) Malonate From Sanguisorba Officinalis Labill Part II: Synthesis Of A Novel Family Of Ethers Of Podocarpic Acid, Manjeera Yalavarty

Theses/Dissertations from 2004


New Organic/inorganic Hybrid Sol-gel Nanocomposite Materials For Raman Gain In Fiber Optics, Stephen James Andrasik


The Design And Development Of A Comprehensive 49 Locus Y-str Database For Major U.S. Populations, Paulina Niki Berdos


Part I: Evaluation Of Russian Synthetic Compounds As A Potential Source Of New Drug Leads Agains Breast And Colon Cancer Part Ii: Isolation Of Beta-amyrin Formate From Eucalyptus Viminalis Labill And Investigation Of Its Colon Cancer Activity, Mihaela Cohanoschi


Synthesis And Polymerization Of Bifunctional Five-membered Cyclic Dithiocarbonates And Their Use As Stabilizers For Magnetic Nan, Mohammed Daoudi


The Use Of Pyrosequencing For The Analysis Of Y Chromosome Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, Jeremy Charles Fletcher

The effects of various catalysts on the hydrogen release and uptake characteristics of LiA1H4 and NaA1H4, Mirna Franjic


Method For Determination Of Singlet Oxygen Quantum Yields For New Fluorene-based Photosensitizers In Aqueous Media For The Advancement Of Photodynamic Therapy, Wade William Grabow


Mitochondrial Dna Analysis By Pyrosequencing, Patsy-Ann Susan Hastings


Synthesis Of A Novel Family Of Amide Derivatives Of Podocarpic Acid, Dao Nguyen


Stability And Recovery Of Rna In Biological Stains, Mindy Eileen Setzer


Block Copolymer Stabilized Self-Assembled Magnetic Nanoparticles, Li Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Laboratory optimization and field demonstration using in-situ reductive dehalogenation of DNAPLS by the use of emulsified zero-valent iron particles, Christina Clausen Coon

SWGDAM developmental validation of a 19 locus Y-STR multiplex for forensic casework, Darlene L. Daniels

The effects of mechanical alloying conditions on hydrogen interaction characteristics and microstructure of mixtures of titanium, magnesium, and nickel, Jason K. Gilbert

Development and validation of novel Y-STR multiplex and "megaplex" systems for forensic casework, Erin Kae Hanson

Novel calamitic liquid crystalline compounds : synthesis, characterization and texture observations, Maher A. Qaddoura

Strategies for low copy number DNA analysis, Virginia L. Raker

The Y-Haplotypes of the South Dakota native American Sioux, Stacey Jo Smith

Self-assembly of polyelectrolyte-coated silver nanoparticles with metanil yellow for use in Raman amplification, Dequan Xiao

TiO2 catalyzed photodecomposition of oleic acid, carbon black and nitrogen dioxide, Meimei Zou

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Assessment of sequence variation within commonly encountered human alpha fibrinogen (HumFGA) alleles, Jeffrey David Ban

Spectral properties and absolute determination of singlet oxygen production by fluorene-based photosensitizers with potential application in two photon photodynamic cancer therapy, Claudia Corredor

Synthesis and characterization of random fluorinated ter-polymers and poly (vinylidene fluoride) telomers, Jinyu Huang

Synthesis of fluoroalkenyl uracil, precursors : NMR characterization of organofluorine lanthanide compounds, Jose A. Rivera Ortiz

Synthesis of tri-block copolymer for magnetically actuatable self-assembled polymeric nanocomposites, Yan Wang

Theses/Dissertations from 2001

Evaluation of Central Florida plants as a source of biologically active compounds against the thrombolytic protease thrombin, and the pathogenic organism mycobacterium tuberculosis : structural characterization of b-amyryl hexadecanoate from parthenocissus quinquefolia an inhibitor of thrombin, Natalya Chistokhodova

Feasibility of crime scene pcr-based dna analysis using the mobile molecular laboratory, Debra E. Glidewell

Screening of Russian plants for their activity with thrombin and cancer: isolation and bioassay of pure compounds from origanum vulgare, Elena Aleksandrovna Goun

Development of a panel of y-chromosome markers for forensic use, Ashley M. Hall

Advanced infrared screening and filter materials, Catherine L. Hartmann

Two-photon photoinitiated cationic polymerization using near-ir light, Jun Liu

Chemical and mechanical analysis on CMP polyurethane pads, Huijun Lu

Selectivity mechanism of silicon dioxide polishing versus silicon nitride in chemical mechanical polishing, Raymond Marcano

Control of industrial boiler nitrogen oxide emissions using hydrogen peroxide treatment-phase II chemical analysis and phase III preliminary results, Lucas Pettey

Synthesis, liposome encapsulation, and evaluation of two-photon absorbing dyes for photodynamic cancer therapy, Brian Wayne Polk

Extraction and quantification of human deoxyribonucleic acid, and the amplification of human short tandem repeats and a sex identification marker from fly larvae found on decomposing tissue, George J. Schiro

Theses/Dissertations from 2000

Synthesis and thermal study of a series of n-benzoyloxyamines and the scope and limitations of an amine oxidation process, Valentina Badescu

In-situ reductive dehalogenation of DNAPLs by the use of emulsified zero-valent nanoscale and microscale iron particles, Kathleen Bevirt Brooks

Bolaamphiphile nanotubes : from gene delivery to nano-electronics, Bogdan Gologan

Synthesis of new citrate-based siderophores as potential drug delivery agents for mycobacterium paratuberculosis and the reactions of n-(benzoyloxy) hexylamine with ketones and aldehydes, Hongyan Guo

Chemical-mechanical wear mechanism in polyurethane polishing pad materials, Irene Li

Two photon organic photochemical reactions : photocycloadditon of 5,7-dimethoxycoumarin and photoisomerization of an idolylfulgide, Yong Liu

Modification and characterization of self-assembly systems: limposomes, lipid tubules and bolaamphiphile, Su Pan

Two-photon photo-initiated free radical polymerization, Xiaobin Ren

The synthesis and characterization of environmentally degradable milimeter wave screeing materials, Yi Xiong

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Molecular modeling and computer-aided design of potential protease inhibitors, Toni T. Calvino

Characterization of magnetorheological fluids, Karima Hoceine Chamma

Activation of Mg2Ni alloy towards initial hydrogen uptake by treatment with water vapor and organic compounds, Rajkumar Juturu

The development of an in-situ remediation technique using electrokinetics for the removal of heavy metals in contaminated soils, Vanessa Nirvani Prasad

New near-IR two-photon absorbing fluorene derivatives : synthesis and nonlinear optical characterization, Katherine J. Schafer

Mechanisms for the alkaline hydrolysis of dibromodifluoromethane-alkene adducts to a,B-unsaturated carboxylates, JoAnne Ligeri Swanson

Synthesis and biological evaluation of polyamine DNA-intercalator conjugates and synthesis of N-hydroxyamide containing peptides, Lu Wang

Theses/Dissertations from 1998

Vapor-phase catalytic hydrogenation of 1-octene using nickel microwires and gauzes, Brian Anthony Cocolicchio

The application of ultrasound to zero-valent iron in column studies and a proposed mechanism for the iron-mediated reductive dehalogenation of trichloroethylene and formation of its by-products, Nancy Lau

Characterization of the stability of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) slurries for optical polishing, Margareth Lauwidjaja

N,N'-disalicylidene-1,2-propanediamine; determination of in jp-8 jet fuel and use as ligand in ion selective electrode membrane : water activation of magnesium nickel alloy for hydrogen uptake and storage, Janice K. Lomness

Synthesis and biological evaluation of polyamine DNA-intercalator conjugates, Shah Sapna Majmundar

Investigation of potential replacement solvents for 1,1,1-trichloroethane for cold cleaning of electrical apparatus, Joseph J. O'Shanka

Steric control of the self-assembly behavior of diamide diacids, Darrick C. Seconi

Pilot scale study for control of industrial boiler nitrogen oxides emissions using hydrogen peroxide treatment coupled with wet scrubbing -chemical analysis, Loubna Mzaalak Tazi

The use of ultrasound to enhance the degradation rate of chlorinated aliphatics and to study their sorption properties on elemental iron surfaces, Patrick Christopher Toy

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

A study of the school prayer issue in the United States, Craig S. Evans

Chemical characterization of some aqueous leachates from hydroponically grown potato biomass, Jun Qian

Transesterification of poly(ethylene terephthalate), Wenwei Sun

A study of nickel microwires as catalysts in the liquid phase hydrogenation of alkenes, Lu Wang

Theses/Dissertations from 1996

The activation of Mg2Ni with water, G. W. Christian Adams

Examination of a pyrrole cyclization reaction for the formation of 4-carbethoxy-2-phenacl-3-phenyl-pyrrole : synthesis of a series of novel pyrrole analogs that contain the diacylhydrazide group, Anthony Diebes

Phenacylation studies of highly functionalized pyrroles and their application to the preparation of rigidin derivatives and other compounds, Kartik M. Keertikar

Properties of metal hydrides that can be determined with a DSC/GC/pressure system, Roxanne Rene Petzold