Theses/Dissertations from 2023

The Effect of Wing Shape and Ground Proximity on Unsteady Fluid Dynamics During the Perching Maneuver., Dibya Raj Adhikari

Towards a Holistic and Comparative Analysis of the Free Content Web: Security, Privacy, and Performance, Abdulrahman Alabduljabbar

Adversarial Attacks, Coarse Robustness, and Dataless Neural Networks: Novel Techniques for Improved Classification and Combinatorial Optimization, Ismail Alkhouri

Assessing Influence Factors Affecting the Quality of the Diffusion of Innovation and New Technology Management in the Higher Education Sector in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Ghanem M Alqahtani

Structural Transformations in Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass for Hologram Recording, Roberto Alejandro Alvarez Aguirre

Contributions to Professional School Counselors Entering and Remaining in the Profession: A Grounded Theory, Kathryn Babb

Children's Knowledge of Intravenous Needle Insertion and Distress: The Indirect Effects of Cognitive Appraisals of Threat and Coping, Emily Bernstein

Investigation of Endothelial Mechanics on Primary Cell Functions: Endothelium Permeability and Wound Healing, Sean Beverung

Responses of a Pine Flatwoods Specialist Treefrog to Prescribed Fire, Ian Biazzo

Two essays on ESG, Natalya Bikmetova

Topographical Distribution and Morphology of Sympathetic Postganglionic Innervation and Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia (CIH) Induced Remodeling of the Whole Heart at Single Cell/Axon/Varicosity Scale, Ariege Bizanti

Employee Volunteering: Integrating the Volunteering and Helping Literatures Using a Latent Profile Approach, Emily Broksch

The Successful Characteristics That Contribute to Black Male Students Matriculating into Medical School, Cedric Brown

Exploring Risk Factors Associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptomatology in Police, Lori Camacho

Examining Domestic Violence: The Relationship Between Socio-Demographic Factors and Case Dispositions, Alesha Cameron

Bench- and Pilot-Scale Corrosion Control Inhibitor Effectiveness Studies for a Community's Blended Surficial and Brackish Groundwater Supply, Paula Campesino

Racial Discrimination, Social Support and Psychological Distress among Black Pregnant Women, Camilla Carey

Gait Strategies While Walking with Discrete Perturbations on a Self-Paced Treadmill, Cesar Castano

A Holistic Work System Approach to Creating Flow During Transactional Work, Steven Clapp

Flow Independent Fuel Injection for More Consistent Liquid Combustion Using Pintile Injectors, Charles Clark

Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Tobacco Related Samples via High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Laser Excited Time Resolved Shpol' Skii Spectroscopy, Ahmed Comas

Study on the Methodology of Florida Sinkhole Identification, Monitoring, and Mitigation, Timothy Copeland

A Spatiotemporal Examination of Crime Site Selection for Commercial Burglary and Street Robbery, Devin Cowan

Narrating the Fragmenting Brain: Alzheimer's Disease Neuronarratives, Bonnie Cross

Modeling Behavior and Vaccine Hesitancy for Predicting Daily Vaccination Inoculations Using Trends, Case, Death, and Twitter Sentiment Data, Talal Daghriri

The Associations Among Racial Discrimination, Perceived Stress and Birth Satisfaction Among Black Women, Amanda de la Serna

Capturing and Scaffolding the Complexities of Self-Regulation During Game-Based Learning, Daryn Dever

Two Essays on the Airbnb Market, Debanjana Dey

Social Equity Through Vaccinations During COVID-19: A Study of Equitable Utilization of Resources During Emergencies and Crises, Rebecca Entress

Understanding, Modeling, and Simulating the Discrepancy Between Intended and Perceived Image Appearance on Optical See-Through Augmented Reality Displays, Austin Erickson

Determination of Damage Initiation Mechanisms in Aerospace Alloys Due to Stress Corrosion Cracking via In-Situ Microscale Characterization Techniques, Remelisa Esteves

Defining Sober Harms and Factors that Influence Them: Blame it on the Alcohol?, Jessica Flori

Time-specific Safety Performance Functions for Different Advanced Traffic Management Strategies, Jingwan Fu

Discovery and Evaluation of Finite State Machines in Hardware Security, James Geist

Examining Generation Z Perceptions and Preferences for Academic Advising, Vanessa Gonzalez

Organizational Culture in Higher Education: Examining Administrative Subculture Typology to Identify the Dominant Culture Type and Provide an Element of Consideration for Institutional Management and Effectiveness, Darryl Gordon

Refining the Use of Stable Isotope Analysis in Detecting Wildlife Laundering, Kevin Guilfoyle

Leadership Efficacy: A Study of the Relationship between Leadership Efficacy, Teacher Perception and Teacher Retention, Rachel Hazel

High-Dynamic-Range and High-Efficiency Near-Eye Display Systems, En-Lin Hsiang

Developing A Physics-informed Deep Learning Paradigm for Traffic State Estimation, Jiheng Huang

Data-Driven Optimal Power System Operation Under Uncertainty, Ren Hu

Mapping the Focal Points of WordPress: A Software and Critical Code Analysis, Bryce Jackson

A Developmental Investigation of Separation and Analysis of Molecular Mass 302 Da Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons using High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Chiral Stationary Phase, James Janesko

Identification and Modeling Social Media Influence Pathways: a Characterization of a Disinformation Campaign Using the Flooding-the-zone Strategy via Transfer Entropy, Jasser Jasser

A Conceptual Model for Quality 4.0 Deployment in US Based Manufacturing Firms, Thomas Jones

Host Cell Responses Modulate Oncolytic Viral Treatment of Neuroblastoma Cells, Kritika Kedarinath

A Framework of Critical Success Factors for Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Aerospace and Defense Industries, Lina Khan

Error Rate Determination of Latent Print Chemistry via 1D and 2D Gas Chromatography, Jessica Kindell

Influence of Flow and Stratum Characteristics on Fouling Behavior of Flexible Fiber Patches, Milos Krsmanovic

It's in the Design: Student Perceptions of Intercultural Interactions in Online Communication Classrooms, Darius Lana

Impact on Infinite Asteroids: Analysis of Ejecta Outcomes in Small Body Binary Systems, Jennifer Larson

A Semi-Autonomous Credit/Debit Card Transaction Fraud Defense Framework for Online Merchants, Roy Laurens

Reflective Planar Optics with Cholesteric Liquid Crystal for Near-Eye Displays, Yannanqi Li

Locating the Attentional Template Using Theta-Gamma Coupling, Michael Miuccio

Stress Appraisals of Organizational Change: The Role of Adaptability and Communication, Wheeler Nakahara

Following Faculty Engaging in Collaborative Action Research to Approach Curricular Change in Undergraduate Biochemistry, Christopher Nix

Justice for George Floyd: The Tipping Point?, Christopher C. Odom

Interorganizational Networks and Coordination in Emergency Management: Policy and Practice in Response to Disasters, Ratna Okhai

Developing Cost-Effective Specialty Adsorbents to Meet the Emerging Challenges of Pollutant Removal in Surface Water Systems, Diana Ordonez

Lived Experience at Plinkaigalis, Lithuania: An integrated Approach using Stable Isotope, Spatial, and Statistical Analyses, Alexandria Orozco

Globally Distributed Teams: The Between-team Barriers That Impede The Successful Delivery Of Agile Software Development, Ben Park

Probing the Structure-Activity Relationships of Electrocatalytic Nanomaterials Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, Zackary Parsons

Discovering Vulnerabilities and Designing Trustworthy Defenses in IoT Systems and Devices, Bryan Pearson

Neural Dynamics of Categorical Representations Used for Visual Search, Ashley Phelps

Preservice Teacher Intersectional Awareness: A Qualitative Inquiry, Lindsey Pike

A Framework to Define and Quantify Leadership Styles Within Navy Engineering Units, Megan Praschak

Time of Day Effects on Maximal Effort Strength/Power and Fatigability Assessments, Justine Renziehausen

The Journey Towards a Bachelor's Degree: Examining the Lived Experiences of Adult Learners as Transfer Students, Tijuana Rollins

Design and Control of a Dual Active Bridge Converter for Electric Vehicle (EV) and Photovoltaic (PV) Applications, Md Safayatullah

Random Channel Cryptography: Classical Key Distribution via Random Mode Mixing in Fiber, Rachel Sampson

Algorithms and Variations on the Positional Burrows-Wheeler Transform and Their Applications, Ahsan Sanaullah

Instrumental Approaches for High Resolution Photoluminescence Spectroscopy and its Applications to Environmental Analysis, Anthony Santana

An Examination of a Decade of K-5 Mathematics Standards in the United States, Ashley Schmidt

Integrated Frequency Combs for Applications in Optical Communications & Microwave Photonics, Chinmay Shirpurkar

Comparing Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Perborate Ultraviolet Advanced Oxidation Processes for 1,4-Dioxane Removal from Wastewater Effluent, Tulsi Shukla

How Parents Perceive School Readiness, Jody Silvester

A Digitally Enhanced Virtual Cognitive Behavior Skill Building Intervention to Reduce Parent Stress and Family Obesogenic Behaviors, Sharlene Smith

Becoming Racially Aware: A Social Process of (Re)constructing an Alternative White Identity, Ashley Sobke

Process Optimization and Characterization of p-type Copper Indium Oxide and Copper Chromium Oxide Transparent Conducting Thin Films and its Applications, FNU Sreeram Sundaresh

Variation in Genetic Structure and Dispersal of Juvenile Green Turtles, Gustavo Stahelin

Using an Interactional Ethnographic Perspective to Explore Insider Perspectives When Working with Previously Archived Records, Michelle Sullivan

Leveraging Signal Transfer Characteristics and Parasitics of Spintronic Circuits for Area and Energy-Optimized Hybrid Digital and Analog Arithmetic, Adrian Tatulian

Christian Perspectives on Natural Disasters Using a Religious Systems Approach, Lakelyn Taylor

Network Structure and Network Effectiveness in Thailand's Provincial COVID-19 Response Networks, Ruechagorn Trairatananusorn

Determining the Influence of Kids Building for Kids Workshops on Attitudes and Beliefs of General Education Middle School Teachers Toward Students with Disabilities, Jennifer Tucker

Role of Vitamin D, Folate, and Cobalamin Deficiency in Mycobacterium avium Paratuberculosis Infection and Inflammation, Joseph Vaccaro

Improving Deep Neural Network Training with Knowledge Distillation, Dongdong Wang

Nanostructured Alloy Thin Film Fabrication and Application for Zinc-Air Battery and Lithium-Ion Battery, Guanzhi Wang

Clustering of Diverse Multiplex Networks, Yaxuan Wang

Machine Learning Applications in Advanced Additive Manufacturing: Process Modeling, Microstructure Analysis, and Defect Detection, Peter Warren

Probing Endothelial Cell Mechanics Under Disturbed Fluid Flow, Jingwen Wu

From Human Behavior to Machine Behavior, Zerong Xi

Design And Simulation Analysis of a BIPV (Building Integrated With PV) Air-Duct System for Residential High-Performance Development, Arash Zarmehr

Modeling Individual Activity and Mobility Behavior and Assessing Ridesharing Impacts Using Emerging Data Sources, Jiechao Zhang

Development,Validation, and Integration of AI-Driven Computer Vision System and Digital-twin System for Traffic Safety Dignostics, Ou Zheng

Automated Machine Learning: Intellient Binning Data Preparation and Regularized Regression Classfier, Jianbin Zhu

Compact and High Optical Efficiency Near-Eye Displays with Liquid Crystal Flat Optics, Junyu Zou

Theses/Dissertations from 2022


Supporting Secondary Teachers' Proof and Justification of Calculus Concepts Through the Intentional Use of Dynamic Technology, Shahabeddin Abbaspour Tazehkand

Using Machine Learning Technique to Develop a Deterioration Predicting Model for Pavement Marking in Florida, Ehab Abdelmaksoud


A Deep Learning Approach for Spatiotemporal-Data-Driven Traffic State Estimation, Amr Hatem Ragaa Abdelraouf