The Honors Undergraduate Thesis Program provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to engage in original and independent research as principal investigators. Over the course of two to four semesters, students work closely with a faculty committee to research, write, defend and publish an Honors thesis that serves as the capstone product of their undergraduate career. This thesis is published through the university library and is available to researchers worldwide through electronic databases. Please visit the Honors Undergraduate Thesis website for compete information.

This collection contains records for Honors theses completed at UCF. Links to electronic versions are included when available. If your Honors thesis is only in print, you can help us make it available online for use by researchers around the world by downloading and filling out the distribution consent form here.

For additional assistance locating an HUT or HIM thesis, please contact the Digital Collections Project Coordinator, Kerri Bottorff, or check out the FAQ.


Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Theoretical Analysis of Avalanche Breakdown in Heterojunction Light Amplifying Optical Switches, Brian Smith

The instrumental thorn, Terry Ann Thaxton

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

A narrow road between, Julie Ann Bade

Four and three quarters short stories, Anne Craig

Man, God and state : a re-vision of the medieval vice in late medieval and renaissance drama, Edward Michael Dandrow

Spatial expressions in English and Japanese, Yoshimichi Fujiwara

A monolithic bipolar junction transistor amplifier in the common emitter configuration, Jeanne M.B. Gallagher

Sexual poetics : erotica and representation of the woman, Donna J. Kain

East meets east : a comparative study of North American and Eurasian creation mythology and its implications, Victoria Dannals Maurais

Alternative healing practices in rural Puerto Rico, Linda Lee Torres

Construction and application of a micro-raman spectrometer, Robert Voor

Theses/Dissertations from 1991

The analysis and design of a costas phase locked loop for the acquisition of carrier phase of suppressed carrier communication systems, William J. Burmeister

Three dimensional object recognition, Matt J. Lavoie

Political Culture and Ethnic Identification: An Analysis of Whites, African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian American, Nick Perenich

Theses/Dissertations from 1990

Analysis of larval and adult cuticles of posterior bithorax-complex mutant homozygotes in drosophila melanogaster, My Linn Sawyer