Theses/Dissertations from 2012


Influencing opinions about bats the impact of levels of interaction during educational presentations, Samantha Hynes


Does behavioral treatment for children with social anxiety disorder change vocal characteristics?, Anya Kroytor


An exploratory factor analysis of self-reported state and trait guilt, Christina Lacerenza


Atheists, devils, and communists cognitive mapping of attitudes and stereotypes of atheists, Maxine Najle


Perceptions of the consumption of sexually-explicit material as an act of infidelity in the context of college romantic relationships and their connection to population variables, Diego Plaza


The effects of sports team allegiance on jurors' perceptions of a defendant, Andrea Ranieri


Increased Levels of Anxiety Revealing Characteristics of Social Phobia Elucidated by Smartphone Use, Mark H. Richardson


Attitudes towards corporal punishment as a function of ethnicity and gender, Nadine Richardson


The cost of discrimination job age-type and legal outcomes, Nicholas Smith


What do you think of others who pursue cosmetic surgery? influences associated with perceptions of cosmetic surgery, Angela Vergara


Equine-assisted psychotherapy as an effective therapy in comparison to or in conjunction with traditional therapies, Kristen Wilson

Theses/Dissertations from 2011


Spatial ability and experts of needlework crafts an exploratory study, Shannon Kyle Tedder Bailey


Political conservatism and its effects on memory and basic recall, Simon M. Caine


Attitude change regarding animal abuse in adults the effect of education and visual aids, Ashley Carter


Discrimination of Arabs and Muslims in simulated hiring decisions the role of multiple categorization, perceived job fit, and social dominance, Lindsay Dhanani


Relationships among child abuse experiences, social support, and academic success, Amanda Marie Havill


Older adults and online social networking: relating issues of attitudes, expertise, and use, Elise Hernandez


The relationship between genre choice of music and altruistic behavior, Christine Hippler


Effects of input modality and expertise on workload and video game performance, Travis M. Kent


Investigating the relationship between assertiveness and personality characteristics, Laura K. Kirst


Relationships of combined parenting styles of step and biological parents in stepfamily relationship formation and emerging adult stepchildren's adjustment, Saarah Kison


The effects of alcohol based cues virtual reality versus guided imagery, Nicole Labriola


Pre-screen of traits that lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, Krystal A. Lee


The role of attachment in the relationship between child maltreatment and later emotional and behavioral functioning, Amanda F. Lowell


Intolerance of ambiguity and gender differences between humanists and normativists, Jorge I. Mendoza


The relationship between substance abuse and identity development, Joshua J. Mester


The effects of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder on fixations and saccades during a simulated driving task, Jessica R. Michaelis


Missing the consequences misperceptions of the 1967 six-day israeli-arab war, Jonathan Miniello


Examining the relationship between female parents with low perceived control and adolescent child stress, Brendan P. Monaghan


Associations between positive health behaviors and psychological distress, Marlaine Marie Monroig


The relationship between psychometrically-defined social anxiety and working memory performance, Timothy L. Paskowski


Stress associated with law enforcement work and its effect on conjugal relationships, Patricia S. Peace


Improving eyewitness testimony methods for more accurate recall of events, Ashley M. Schachter


Moral cognition in children an examination of the possible impact of school didactic philosophies, Smit S. Shah


iBully: the impact of gender of bully and victim on perception of cyberbullying and its consequences, Christopher Sharpe


Effect of a human-teacher vs. a robot-teacher on human learning a pilot study, Melissa A. B. Smith


Predictors of presence in virtual reality, Brandon Sollins


A comparison of traditional and nontraditional college students' stress and its relationship to their time management and overall psychological adjustment, Debra Stagman


An exploration of chronic pain experience, coping and the NEO five factors in high functioning adults, Juliana Stalter


Perceived gender and its effect on attributions toward avatars in the video game Spore, Victoria Marie Sweeney

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

Haitian earthquake disaster : investigating news media choice, mental health, and altruism, Cristina E. Bryan

The role of identity on peer conflict and aggression, Jennifer Carter

I never forget a face! : memory for faces and individual differences in spatial ability and gender, Sally Clausen

Religiosity and identity among Baptist, Methodist, and Catholic congregants, Reyna Marie Ecker

Trauma as a predictive factory for performance under stress, Ashley M. Hughes

Concussion history and neuropsychological baseline testing in collegiate football athletes, Amanda Norma Huston

A comparison of University of Central Florida students on religious bigotry and related variables, Benjamin H. Hyman

Comparison of prejudice among University of Central Florida students, Sara Khaledpour

Never too old, never too young? : exploring stereotypes in the mixed-age college classroom, Brooke L. Lajoie

'When you believe in things you don't understand' : an evolutionary exploration of paranormal, superstitious and religious belief, Michael Arthur Moncrieff

Group affiliation and self-esteem, Cynthia Oakes

When do team members share? : the importance of openness to diversity and perceived ethnic similarity, Jennifer Pereira Feitosa Olivera

Relationships among parents' economic and parenting stress, parenting behaviors, and ratings of young children's emotional and behavioral functioning, Jayme Puff

Influence of defendant mental illness on jury sentencing, Marie L. Sabbagh

Leader behavior : the development of collective efficacy in collectivistic societies, Diana Dawn Scott

Effects of perceived parenting during adolescence on college alcohol use, Maria I. Sori

Parental attachment and demonstrated academic mastery, Joanne M. Thron

An exploratory study : romanticism in modern day men and women, Gabriella Torres

Pet relationships: human versus animal attachment, Kim Anastasia Trajbar

Psychophysiology of selective mutism, Theresa N. Trombly

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Investigating predictors of ageism : supportive relationship with older adult wanted, DeAnne R. Collins

Variables associated with attraction to individuals with psychopathic traits, Amber Dukes


Multiple minority identities : Queer and Muslim Arab Americans, Timothy A. Duvall Brown

Relationships among socioeconomic status, family relationships, and academic achievement, Stephanie N. Gamm

Effect of social exclusion and cognitive ability on workplace deviance, Garrett Grainger

The role of transactive memory in work teams : a review, Megan E. Gregory

Asian American students' adjustment to college : does membership in an ethnic student organization make a difference?, Cuong T. Le

Understanding voluntary turnover during the uncertain times of mergers and acquisitions : a descriptive case-study, Nicole L. Owens

Pakistani American young adults' ideal marital relationships : do bollywood films influence their attitudes?, Madiha Sajid

Stress, job satisfaction, and related outcomes in intensive care unit nurses and labor and delivery unit nurses, Noreen Salsamendi

Asperger's disorder and social phobia : a comparison of social functioning, Nomara Santos

The sexual self concept and its relation to psychological well-being and sexual other-acceptance, Kathryn H. Valentine

Attachment development in emerging adults' romantic relationships and friendships, Karinna O. Vazquez

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Linguistic correlates of psychopathology in autobiographical narrative, Micah G. Allen

The effect of choice on performance of vigilance tasks, Lindzee Bailey

Development of a scale to measure gift-giving behaviors, Ariel Baruch

The visual search effectiveness of an unmanned ground vehicle operator within an optical flow condition, Gian Colombo

The effects of yoga during pregnancy on the apgar, Desiree Ihilani DeGinder

The role of goal orientation and level of expertise in dance performance before an audience, Heather Dodt

College students' perception of parenthood : predictors of parenting attributions, Hisae Gozu

Exploring how pet attachment and existential connectedness influence loneliness, Ashley K. Harper

Alcohol quantity and bac, Stefanie M. Johnson

The relationship between identity development and body image, Cristi L. Kamps

Sexual identity development measured from an identity status perspective, Michelle Y. Lewis

The relation between college students' intrafamilial relationships and their adjustment to a multiethnic university, Claudia Beatriz Machado

The examination of ordinary cruelty televised within a just world, Kenneth S. Michniewicz

How close is close enough? : temporal matching between visual and tactile signaling, Catherine E. Neubauer

Change of physical context impairs cardiovascular habituation to stress, Kevin M. Palmer

College student's perception of academic ability and social distance for students with chronic mental and physical illness, Kathleen A. Portillo

The relationship between a woman's personal birth preference and her perceptions of new mothers with different birthing methods : a test of cognitive dissonance theory, Lindsay E. Reeser


Exploring the relationship between patients' health locus of control and perception of physician's support, Maria F. Ricci Twitchell

Mental rotation and a drawing based training regiment, Anthony R. Selkowitz

Gray areas of child sexual abuse : undergraduate students' attributions of depicted adult-adolescent and adolescent-adolescent sexual interactions, Andrew Michael Sherrill

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Do students have negative stereotypes of women who elect to have breast augmentation?, Nicole Bly

The Effects of Distress on Motivation in the Police Force, Evelyn Botero

Investigating the relationship between teen pregnancy and social support networks, Ashley Ann Heinrichs

Premigration Expectations and Postmigration Experiences of Hispanic Immigrants to the United States, Shari Schwartz

Irrational thinking and prejudice : an atheist anomaly? correlates and predictors of prejudice toward atheists among college students, Lawton K. Swan


The Effects of Blocked and Random Word Lists on the Production of False Memories, Melonie Williams

Comparting pro- and anti-nudity college students on acceptance of self, cultural diversity, social responsibility, and secularism/liberalism, Samantha M. Winton