Submissions from 2014

A Tabu Search Approach For Proportionate Multiprocessor Open Shop Scheduling, Tamer F. Abdelmaguid, Mohamed A. Shalaby, and Mohamed A. Awwad

Plasmonic Resonance Absorption Spectra In Mid-Infrared In An Array Of Graphene Nanoresonators, Don C. Abeysinghe, Joshua Myers, Nima Nader Esfahani, Joshua R. Hendrickson, and Justin W. Cleary

Good Enough Yet? A Preliminary Evaluation Of Human-Surrogate Interaction, Julian Abich IV, Lauren E. Reinerman-Jones, Gerald Matthews, Gregory F. Welch, and Stephanie J. Lackey

Analysis Of Thermal And Hydraulic Performance Of V-Shape Corrugated Carbon Foam, W. Aboelsoud, W. Wu, L. C. Chow, B. A. Saarloos, and D. P. Rini

Experimental Investigation Of Thermal And Hydraulic Performance Of V-Shape Corrugated Carbon Foam, W. Aboelsoud, W. Wu, L. C. Chow, B. A. Saarloos, and D. P. Rini

Two-Point Optical Coherency Matrix Tomography, Ayman F. Abouraddy, Kumel H. Kagalwala, and Bahaa E.A. Saleh

Developing A Microscopic Transportation Emissions Model To Estimate Carbon Dioxide Emissions On Limited-Access Highways, Hatem Abou-Senna and Essam Radwan

Interactive Decision Support System For Predicting Flashing Yellow Arrow Left-Turn Mode By Time Of Day, Hatem Abou-Senna, Essam Radwan, Rami C. Harb, Alex Navarro, and Sandesh Chalise

Domestic Violence In Indian Country, Julie C. Abril and Lee E. Ross

Green Business Models In The Uk Construction Sector: Empirical Study, Amal Abuzeinab, Mohammed Arif, and William Thompson

Safety Evaluation Of Hybrid Main-Line Toll Plazas, Muamer Abuzwidah, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, and Mohamed M. Ahmed

Far-Field Diffraction Pattern Of A Bessel-Gauss Beam Through A Pentagonal Aperture, Cristian H. Acevedo, Carlos F. Meza, Yezid T. Moreno, and ángela M. Guzmán

Robotics In Gynecology: Is The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full?, Arnold P. Advincula

Consumption Rituals In The Transition To Motherhood, Sara Afflerback, Amanda Koontz Anthony, Shannon K. Carter, and Liz Grauerholz

Design Of An Electrostatic Lunar Dust Repeller For Mitigating Dust Deposition And Evaluation Of Its Removal Efficiency, Nima Afshar-Mohajer, Chang Yu Wu, Robert Moore, and Nicoleta Sorloaica-Hickman

Electrostatic Collection Of Tribocharged Lunar Dust Simulants, Nima Afshar-Mohajer, Chang Yu Wu, and Nicoleta Sorloaica-Hickman

The Development Of The Dsm-5 Cultural Formulation Interview-Fidelity Instrument (Cfi-Fi): A Pilot Study, Neil Krishan Aggarwal, Andrew Glass, Amilcar Tirado, Marit Boiler, and Andel Nicasio

Teamwork Competency Test (Twct): A Step Forward On Measuring Teamwork Competencies, David Aguado, Ramón Rico, Miriam Sánchez-Manzanares, and Eduardo Salas

Security Of Applications Involving Multiple Organizations And Order Preserving Encryption In Hybrid Cloud Environments, Mohammad Ahmadian, Ashkan Paya, and Dan C. Marinescu

Synthesis Of State-Of-The-Art In Visibility Detection Systems' Applications And Research, Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Shi Qi, and Muamer Abuzwidah

Safety Assessment And Spatial Exploration Of Automated Red-Light Running Enforcement Cameras, Mohamed M. Ahmed and Mohamed Abdel-Aty

Real-Time Assessment Of Fog-Related Crashes Using Airport Weather Data: A Feasibility Analysis, Mohamed M. Ahmed, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Jaeyoung Lee, and Rongjie Yu

Statistical Modelling Of Networked Human-Automation Performance Using Working Memory Capacity, Nisar Ahmed, Ewart de Visser, Tyler Shaw, Amira Mohamed-Ameen, and Mark Campbell

A Look At Probabilistic Gaussian Process, Bayes Net, And Classifier Models For Prediction And Verification Of Human Supervisory Performance, Nisar Ahmed, Ewart De Visser, Tyler Shaw, Raja Parasuraman, and Amira Mohammed-Ameen

Corrosion Behaviour Of Aisi 304 Stainless Steel With Solar Salt Heat Transfer Fluid, Omar Ahmed, Le Zhou, Nahid Mohajeri, and Yong Ho Sohn

Continuance Use Intention Of Enterprise Instant Messaging: A Knowledge Management Perspective, Haya Ajjan, Richard Hartshorne, Yingxia Cao, and Michael Rodriguez

A Model-Based Approach To Modeling A Hybrid Simulation Platform (Work In Progress), Asli Soyler Akbas, Konstantinos Mykoniatis, Anastasia Angelopoulou, and Waldemar Karwowski

Gold(Iii) Macrocycles: Nucleotide-Specific Unconventional Catalytic Inhibitors Of Human Topoisomerase I, Kate J. Akerman, Alexander M. Fagenson, Vidusha Cyril, Michael Taylor, and Mark T. Muller

Client-Server Interaction Knowledge Discovery For Operations-Level Construction Simulation Using Process Data, Reza Akhavian and Amir H. Behzadan

Closure To "Knowledge-Based Simulation Modeling Of Construction Fleet Operations Using Multimodal-Process Data Mining" By Reza Akhavian And Amir H. Behzadan, Reza Akhavian and Amir H. Behzadan

Dynamic Simulation Of Construction Activities Using Real Time Field Data Collection, Reza Akhavian and Amir H. Behzadan

Erratum: "Knowledge-Based Simulation Modeling Of Construction Fleet Operations Using Multimodal-Process Data Mining" By Reza Akhavian And Amir H. Behzadan, Reza Akhavian and Amir H. Behzadan

Evaluation Of Queuing Systems For Knowledge-Based Simulation Of Construction Processes, Reza Akhavian and Amir H. Behzadan

Enhancing Security Of Cookie-Based Sessions In Mobile Networks Using Sparse Caching, Amerah Alabrah, Jeffrey Cashion, and Mostafa Bassiouni

Autonomous Coverage Expansion Of Mobile Agents Via Cooperative Control And Cooperative Communication, Said Al-Abri and Zhihua Qu

Energy-Efficient Multiplier-Less Discrete Convolver Through Probabilistic Domain Transformation, Mohammed Alawad, Yu Bai, Ronald DeMara, and Mingjie Lin

Energy-Efficient Imprecise Reconfigurable Computing Through Probabilistic Domain Transformation, Mohammed Alawad and Mingjie Lin

Click-Tracking Blocker: Privacy Preservation By Disabling Search Engines' Click-Tracking, Roberto Alberdeston, Erich Dondyk, and Cliff C. Zou

Supervised Facial Recognition Based On Multi-Resolution Analysis And Feature Alignment, Ahmed Aldhahab, George Atia, and Wasfy B. Mikhael

Commentary On "A Comparison Of Congestive Heart Failure Readmissions Among Teaching And Nonteaching Hospital Services", Irene Alexandraki

Overcoming Multi Finger Turn-On In Hv Diacs Using Local Polv-Ballasting, B. Aliaj, V. A. Vashcheiiko, J. J. Liou, and T. Mitchell

Synthesis Of Fe-C Alloys By Mechanical Alloying, Ahmed A. Al-Joubori and C. Suryanarayana

A Coordinated Investigation Of The Combustion Chemistry Of Diisopropyl Ketone, A Prototype For Biofuels Produced By Endophytic Fungi, Joshua W. Allen, Adam M. Scheer, Connie W. Gao, Shamel S. Merchant, and Subith S. Vasu

Emotional Intelligence In Education: From Pop To Emerging Science, Veleka Allen, Carolyn MacCann, Gerald Matthews, and Richard D. Roberts

Grip Strength Cutpoints For The Identification Of Clinically Relevant Weakness, Dawn E. Alley, Michelle D. Shardell, Katherine W. Peters, Robert R. McLean, and Thuy Tien L. Dam

Conductive Coupling Of Split Ring Resonators: A Path To Thz Metamaterials With Ultrasharp Resonances, Ibraheem Al-Naib, Erik Hebestreit, Carsten Rockstuhl, Falk Lederer, and Demetrios Christodoulides

Early Adoption Of Ifrs As A Strategic Response To Transnational And Local Influences, Anna Alon and Peggy D. Dwyer

International Transmission Of Financial Shocks In An Estimated Dsge Model, Sami Alpanda and Uluc Aysun

Percolation In Multi-Channel Secondary Cognitive Radio Networks Under The Sinr Model, Osama Abbas Al-Tameemi and Mainak Chatterjee

Vector Quantization Based Qos Evaluation In Cognitive Radio Networks, Osama Abbas Al Tameemi, Mainak Chatterjee, and Kevin Kwiat

Cationic Peptides Neutralize Ox-Ldl, Prevent Its Uptake By Macrophages, And Attenuate Inflammatory Response, Chandrakala Aluganti Narasimhulu, Krithika Selvarajan, Matthew Brown, and Sampath Parthasarathy

Community Detection In Dynamic Social Networks: A Game-Theoretic Approach, Hamidreza Alvari, Alireza Hajibagheri, and Gita Sukthankar

Predicting Guild Membership In Massively Multiplayer Online Games, Hamidreza Alvari, Kiran Lakkaraju, Gita Sukthankar, and Jon Whetzel

Highly Photosensitive Fiber Fabricated From Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass, Khawlah Al Yahyaei, Peter Hofmann, Clémence Jollivet, Amy Van Newkirk, and Rodrigo Amezcua-Correa

Exact And Numerical Solutions Of Mhd Nano Boundary-Layer Flows Over Stretching Surfaces In A Porous Medium, E. H. Aly and K. Vajravelu

Mulan E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Interacts With Multiple E2 Conjugating Enzymes And Participates In Mitophagy By Recruiting Gabarap, Camilla T. Ambivero, Lucia Cilenti, Stacey Main, and Antonis S. Zervos

Behavioral Ethics: New Frontiers, Maureen L. Ambrose, Marshall Schminke, and Scott J. Reynolds

Wavelength-Dependent Correlations Between Ultraviolet-Visible Intensities And Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Enhancement Factors Of Aggregated Gold And Silver Nanoparticles, Fathima S. Ameer, Yadong Zhou, Shengli Zou, and Dongmao Zhang

Telemedicine For Retinal Care In Developing Nations: The Orbis Cyber-Sight Programme, 2003-2011, Sarina Amin, Rikin Patel, Jonathan Beilan, Eugene M. Helveston, and Saad Shaikh

High Efficiency Dual-Mode Current Modulation Method For Low-Power Dc/Ac Inverters, Ahmadreza Amirahmadi, Lin Chen, Utsav Somani, Haibing Hu, and Nasser Kutkut

Hybrid Zvs Bcm Current Controlled Three-Phase Microinverter, Ahmadreza Amirahmadi, Haibing Hu, Anna Grishina, Qian Zhang, and Lin Chen

Variable Boundary Dual Mode Current Modulation Scheme For Three-Phase Micro-Inverter, Ahmadreza Amirahmadi, Utsav Somani, Lin Chen, Nasser Kutkut, and Issa Batarseh

An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Framework For Coexistence In Cognitive Radio Networks, Muhammad Faisal Amjad, Mainak Chatterjee, Omar Nakhila, and Cliff C. Zou

Inducing Cooperation For Optimal Coexistence In Cognitive Radio Networks: A Game Theoretic Approach, Muhammad Faisal Amjad, Mainak Chatterjee, and Cliff C. Zou

High Temperature Friction Characterization For Viscoelastic Glass Contacting A Mold, Balajee Ananthasayanam, Dhananjay Joshi, Matthew Stairiker, Matthew Tardiff, and Kathleen C. Richardson

Novel Laser Cavity Design By Way Of Transmitting Volume Bragg Gratings, B. Anderson, I. Divliansky, L. Glebov, G. Venus, and V. Smirnov

Experimental Study Of Sbs Suppression Via White Noise Phase Modulation, Brian Anderson, Craig Robin, Angel Flores, and Iyad Dajani

Transverse Mode Selection In Laser Resonators Using Volume Bragg Gratings, Brian Anderson, George Venus, Daniel Ott, Ivan Divliansky, and Jay W. Dawson

Fundamental Mode Operation Of A Ribbon Fiber Laser By Way Of Volume Bragg Gratings, B. Anderson, G. Venus, D. Ott, I. Divliansky, and J. W. Dawson

Compact Cavity Design In Solid State Resonators By Way Of Volume Bragg Gratings, B. Anderson, G. Venus, D. Ott, I. Divliansky, and L. Glebov

Eternal Chromatic Number, Mark Anderson, Robert Brigham, Ronald D. Dutton, and Richard Vitray

Graphs Simultaneously Achieving Three Vertex Cover Numbers, Mark Anderson, Julie R. Carrington, Robert C. Brigham, Ronald D. Dutton, and Richard P. Vitray

A Conversation With William Winant, Thad Anderson

Propagation Of A Gaussian-Beam Wave In General Anisotropic Turbulence, L. C. Andrews, R. L. Phillips, and R. Crabbs

The Identification Of Factors Contributing To Self-Reported Anomalies In Civil Aviation, Chris Andrzejczak, Waldemar Karwowski, and William Thompson

Ucf Smart Mailbox: Reinforcing Communications In The Neighborhoods, Anastasia Angelopoulou, Konstantinos Mykoniatis, Karen Carlson, and Si Jung Kim

The role of charismatic rhetoric in crowdfunding: An examination with computer-Aided text analysis, Aaron H. Anglin, Thomas H. Allison, Aaron F. McKenny, and Lowell W. Busenitz

Numerical Analysis Of Reflective Cracking In An Asphalt Concrete Overlay Over A Flexible Pavement, Jinwoo An, Boohyun Nam, and Jinyoung Kim

Dispersion Stability, Ligand Structure And Conformation, And Sers Activities Of 1-Alkanethiol Functionalized Gold And Silver Nanoparticles, Siyam M. Ansar, Manuel Gadogbe, Kumudu Siriwardana, Jane Y. Howe, and Stas Dogel

Maintaining Art-World Membership: Self-Taught Identity Work Of The Florida Highwaymen, Amanda Koontz Anthony and Douglas Schrock

Multiplexed High Temperature Sensor Based On Multicore Fiber, E. Antonio-Lopez, G. Salceda-Delgado, A. Van Newkirk, A. Schülzgen, and R. Amezcua-Correa

Multicore Fiber Sensor For High-Temperature Applications Up To 1000°C, J. Enrique Antonio-Lopez, Zeinab Sanjabi Eznaveh, Patrick LiKamWa, Axel Schülzgen, and Rodrigo Amezcua-Correa

Single Fiber Identification With Nondestructive Excitation-Emission Spectral Cluster Analysis, Krishnaveni Appalaneni, Emily C. Heider, Anthony F.T. Moore, and Andres D. Campiglia

Gis-Assisted Object Detection And Geospatial Localization, Shervin Ardeshir, Amir Roshan Zamir, Alejandro Torroella, and Mubarak Shah

On-Chip Nonlinear Injection Locking For Stable Frequency Comb Generation, Abhijeet Ardey, Edris Sarailou, and Peter J. Delfyett

Towards All Monolithic Stabilization Of High-Speed Modelocked Semiconductor Lasers, Abhijeet Ardey, Edris Sarailou, and Peter J. Delfyett

Child Maltreatment And Deliberate Self-Harm: A Negative Binomial Hurdle Model For Explanatory Constructs, Ashley M. Arens, Raluca M. Gaher, Jeffrey S. Simons, and Robert D. Dvorak

Mathematical Modeling Of Patient-Specific Ventricular Assist Device Implantation To Reduce Particulate Embolization Rate To Cerebral Vessels, I. Ricardo Argueta-Morales, Reginald Tran, Andres Ceballos, William Clark, and Ruben Osorio

Mission-Adaptive Crowd Navigation For Mobile Robots, Saad Arif, Saad Ahmad Khan, and Ladislau Bölöni

How Instructor Enthusiasm Influences The Effectiveness Of Asynchronous Internet-Based Sales Training, Aaron D. Arndt and Z. Wang

Longitudinal Study Of Daily Hassles In Adolescents In Arab Muslim Immigrant Families, Karen J. Aroian, Thomas N. Templin, and Edythe S. Hough

Perceived Stress, External Locus Of Control, And Social Support As Predictors Of Psychological Adjustment Among Female Inmates With Or Without A History Of Sexual Abuse, Kia Asberg and Kimberly Renk

View Invariant Action Recognition Using Projective Depth, Nazim Ashraf, Chuan Sun, and Hassan Foroosh

Ldl-C Levels In Us Patients At High Cardiovascular Risk Receiving Rosuvastatin Monotherapy, Veronica Ashton, Qiaoyi Zhang, Ning Jackie Zhang, Changgeng Zhao, and Dena Rosen Ramey

Optimal Distribution Network Reconfiguration Using Dynamic Fuzzy Based Genetic Algorithm, Arash Asrari and Saeed Lotfifard

Pseudoquotients On Commutative Banach Algebras, Dragu Atanasiu, Piotr Mikusiński, and Angela Siple

Three-Leaf Quantum Interference Clovers In A Trigonal Single-Molecule Magnet, James H. Atkinson, Ross Inglis, Enrique Del Barco, and Euan K. Brechin

Multicultural Science Education: Preparing Teachers For Equity And Social Justice, Mary M. Atwater, Melody L. Russell, and Malcolm B. Butler

Preface, Mary M. Atwater, Melody L. Russell, and Malcolm B. Butler

An Informatics-Based Approach To Object Tracking For Distributed Live Video Computing, Alexander J. Aved and Kien A. Hua