Submissions from 2005

Conference On Parallel And Distributed Processing Techniques And Applications (Pdpta'05): Foreword, Hamid Abachi, Rosni Abdullah, and Sanjay P. Ahuja

Using Generalized Estimating Equations To Account For Correlation In Route Choice Models, Mohamed Abdel-Aty

Exploring The Overall And Specific Crash Severity Levels At Signalized Intersections, Mohamed Abdel-Aty and Joanne Keller

Assessing Crash Occurrence On Urban Freeways Using Static And Dynamic Factors, M. Abdel-Aty and R. Pemmanaboina

Dual-Band Millimeter-Wave/Infrared Focal-Plane Arrays, M. Abdel-Rahman, B. Lail, and G. D. Boreman

Analyses Of Small Internal Diversity Antennas For 1900 Mhz Mobile Phones, M. F. Abedin, M. Ali, and L. Chen

Local Approximation By Beta Operators, Ulrich Abel, Vijay Gupta, and Ram N. Mohapatra

Spectral Renormalization Method For Computing Self-Localized Solutions To Nonlinear Systems, Mark J. Ablowitz and Ziad H. Musslimani

Significance Of Well Locations And Flow Rates In Bioventing Systems Design, Wa'il Y. Abu-El-Sha'r and Jehad Y. Al-Zou'by

Piecewise Digital Control Method For Dc-Dc Converter, Jaber A. Abu-Qahouq, Ehab Shoubaki, and Yangyang Wen

Digital Controller For An Isolated Half-Bridge Dc-Dc Converter, Jaber A. Abu-Qahouq, Yangyang Wen, and Liangbin Yao

Dsp-Controlled Multiphase Hysteretic Vrm With Current Sharing Equalization, Jaber Abu-Qahouq, Natorn Pongratananukul, and Takis Kasparis

Hurricane Wind Retrievals Using The Seawinds Scatterometer On Quikscat, Ian S. Adams, W. Linwood Jones, and Santhosh Vasudevan

Surface Engineering In Materials Science Iii - Proceedings Of A Symposium Sponsored By The Surface Engineering: Preface, Arvind Agarwal, Narendra B. Dahotre, and Sudipta Seal

Gender Differences In Navigation And Wayfinding Using Mobile Augmented Reality, Ali M. Ahmad, Brian F. Goldiez, and P. A. Hancock

The Nbut Class Of Life Distributions, Ibrahim A. Ahmad, Mohamed Kayid, and Xiaohu Li

Bounds Of Moment Generating Functions Of Some Life Distributions, Ibrahim A. Ahmad and A. R. Mugdadi

Quikscat Radiometer (Qrad) Rain Rates For Wind Vector Quality Control, Khalil A. Ahmad, W. Linwood Jones, and Takis Kasparis

Oceanic Rain Rates From The Windsat Radiometer, Khalil Ahmad, W. Linwood Jones, and Jody Thomas-Stahle

Experience-Based Refinement Of Tactical Knowledge In A Context-Driven Agent, David Aihe and Avelino Gonzalez

Effect Of Source Spectral Shape On Task-Based Assessment Of Detection And Resolution In Optical Coherence Tomography, A. Ceyhun Akcay, Eric Clarkson, and Jannick P. Rolland

Dispersion Manipulation In Optical Coherence Tomography With Fourier-Domain Optical Delay Line, A. Ceyhun Akcay, Kye Sung Lee, and Jannick P. Rolland

Financial Modernization In Us Banking Markets: A Local Or Global Event?, Aigbe Akhigbe, Melissa B. Frye, and Ann Marie Whyte

Video Compression Using Structural Flow, Orkun Alatas, Omar Javed, and Mubarak Shah

Current Sharing For Multi-Channel Solar Power System With Maximum Power Point Tracking, Hussam Al-Atrash, Issa Batarseh, and Khalid Rustom

Statistical Modeling Of Dsp-Based Hill-Climbing Mppt Algorithms In Noisy Environments, Hussam Al-Atrash, Issa Batarseh, and Khalid Rustom

Optical Antennas For Nano-Photonic Applications, Javier Alda, José M. Rico-García, and José M. López-Alonso

Editorial: Its Technologies And Techniques For Traffic Operations And Management, Haitham Al-Deek and Asad Khattak

A New Stochastic Discrete-Event Micro Simulation Model For Evaluating Traffic Operations At Electronic Toll Collection Plazas, Haitham M. Al-Deek, Ayman A. Mohamed, and Linda Malone

Convolution, Average Sampling, And A Calderon Resolution Of The Identity For Shift-Invariant Spaces, Akram Aldroubi, Qiyu Sun, and Wai Shing Tang

Surface Speciation Modeling Of Heavy Metals In Kaolin: Implications For Electrokinetic Soil Remediation Processes, Ashraf Z. Al-Hamdan and Krishna R. Reddy

An Integrated Approach For Generic Object Detection Using Kernel Pca And Boosting, Saad Ali and Mubarak Shah

A Supervised Learning Framework For Generic Object Detection In Images, Saad Ali and Mubarak Shah

Characterizing Resource Allocation Heuristics For Heterogeneous Computing Systems, Shoukat Ali, Tracy D. Braun, and Howard Jay Siegel

Adolescent Marijuana Abusers And Access To Family-Based Services, Jane G. Allgood, Sally Mathiesen, and Jorge Delva

Self-Consistent Simulation Of Self-Pulsating Two-Section Gain-Coupled Dfb Lasers, Mohammed A. Al-Mumin and Guifang Li

Radiation Transport Modeling For Xe And Sn-Doped Droplet Laser-Plasma Sources, Moza Al-Rabban, Christian Keyser, and Simi George

Srsl Pipelining Of Coarse-Grain Datapaths, Abdelhalim Alsharqawi and Abdel Ejnioui

Synthesis Of Self-Resetting Stage Logic Pipelines, Abdelhalim Alsharqawi and Abdel Ejnioui

Particle Bombardment And The Genetic Enhancement Of Crops: Myths And Realities, Fredy Altpeter, Niranjan Baisakh, and Roger Beachy

Periodic Structures By Amplitude Mask 2D In Nonlinear Liquid Medium Cs 2, E. Alvarado-Méndez, M. Cano-Lara, and J. C. Alfonso-León

Increased Activation Of The Anterior Cingulate Cortex During Processing Of Disgust Faces In Individuals With Social Phobia, Nader Amir, Heide Klumpp, and Jason Elias

Specialist: The Firm Or The Individual? Empirical Evidence From The Options Markets, Amber Anand

Free-Space Laser Propagation: Atmospheric Effects, L. C. Andrew

The Nurse Manager: Job Satisfaction, The Nursing Shortage And Retention, Diane Randall Andrews and Sophia F. Dziegielewski

Laser Beam Propagation Through Random Media: Second Edition, Larry C. Andrews and Ronald L. Phillips

Beam Wander Effects On The Scintillation Index Of A Focused Beam, Larry C. Andrews, Ronald L. Phillips, and Richard J. Sasiela

Single-Pulse And Burst-Mode Ablation Of Gold Films Measured By Quartz Crystal Microbalance, Oleksiy Andrusyak, Matthew Bubelnik, and Jeremy Mares

Obesity, Lipoproteins, And Exercise, Theodore J. Angelopoulos

Simple Numerical Modeling Of Yb3+-Doped Fiber Lasers, G. Anzueto-Sánchez, A. Martínez-Rios, and R. Selvas Aguilar

X-Ray Structure Of The R69D Phosphatidylinositol-Specific Phospholipase C Enzyme: Insight Into The Role Of Calcium And Surrounding Amino Acids In Active Site Geometry And Catalysis, David Apiyo, Li Zhao, and Ming Daw Tsai

Self Calibrating Wavelength Multiplexed Heterodyne Interferometer For Angstrom Precision Measurements, Muzammil A. Arain and Nabeel A. Riza

Fiber-Coupled In-Line Heterodyne Optical Interferometer For Minimally Invasive Sensing, Muzammil Arshad Arain and Nabeel A. Riza

Multiwavelength Pulse Amplification Gain Dynamics Of A Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, Luis C. Archundia, Bojan Resan, and Peter J. Delfyett

On The Fourier Transform And The Exchange Property, Dragu Atanasiu and Piotr Mikusiński

Scenario-Based Performance Analysis Of Mac Protocols For Wireless Sensor Networks, Nevin Aydin, Begumhan Turgut, and Soung Hun You

A Model To Predict Accommodations Needed By Disabled Persons, Kari Babski-Reeves, Sabrina Williams, and Tzer Nan Waters

Magnetic Body Force, A. F. Bakuzis, Kezheng Chen, and Weili Luo

Transmission Electron Microscopy Of Cold Sprayed 1100 Aluminum Coating, K. Balani, A. Agarwal, and S. Seal

Estimating Sub-Pixel Shifts Directly From The Phase Difference, Murat Balci and Hassan Foroosh

Variable Coherence Scattering Microscopy, Erwan Baleine and Aristide Dogariu

Two-Photon Absorption And The Dispersion Of Nonlinear Refraction Using A White-Light Continuum Z-Scan, M. Balu, J. Hales, and D. J. Hagan

Spatio-Temporal Sampling Rates And Enery Efficiency In Wireless Sensor Networks, Seema Bandyopadhyay, Qingjiang Tian, and Edward J. Coyle

Collaborative Context Based Reasoning, Gilbert Barrett and Avelino Gonzalez

Graceful Graphs With Pendant Edges, Christian Barrientos

A Quantitative Content Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Rapid-Growth Firms And Their Founders, Bruce R. Barringer, Foard F. Jones, and Donald O. Neubaum

A Framework For Intelligent Sensor Network With Video Camera For Structural Health Monitoring Of Bridges, Arslan Basharat, Necati Catbas, and Mubarak Shah

Generic And Brand Advertising Strategies In A Dynamic Duopoly, Frank M. Bass, Anand Krishnamoorthy, and Ashutosh Prasad

Measurements Of Aperture Averaging On Bit-Error-Rate, Gary L. Bastin, Larry C. Andrews, and Ronald L. Phillips

Predicting Software Suitability Using A Bayesian Belief Network, Justin M. Beaver, Guy A. Schiavone, and Joseph S. Berrios

Incentive Compensation For Bank Directors: The Impact Of Deregulation, David A. Becher, Terry L. Campbell, and Melissa B. Frye

Schizotypal Personality Disorder Or Prodromal Symptoms Of Schizophrenia?, Jeffrey S. Bedwell and Reesa S. Donnelly

Functional Neuroanatomy Of Subcomponent Cognitive Processes Involved In Verbal Working Memory, Jeffrey S. Bedwell, Michael David Horner, and Kaori Yamanaka

Excited-State Absorption And Anisotropy Properties Of Two-Photon Absorbing Fluorene Derivatives, Kevin D. Belfield, Mykhailo V. Bondar, and I. Cohanoschi

Template-Assisted Deposition Of Palladium Nanoarrays Preparation, Microscopic, And Spectroscopic Studies, Debasis Bera, Suresh C. Kuiry, and Zia Ur Rahman

Diffusion-Limited Growth Of Fto-Nanofilm-Coated Tin Fractals, Debasis Bera, Swanand Patil, and Kirk Scammon

Spatially Resolved Polarimetry For Background Signature Retrieval, I. Berezhnyy and A. Dogariu

Time-Dependent Evolution Of 2D Mueller Matrix Elements, I. Berezhnyy and A. Dogariu

The Fate Of Nitrogen In Bioreactor Landfills, N. D. Berge, D. R. Reinhart, and T. G. Townsend

Evaluation Of An Eeg-Workload Model In The Aegis Simulation Environment, Chris Berka, Daniel J. Levendowski, and Caitlin K. Ramsey

Planning To Coordinate And Coordinating The Plan: Evidence From Local Governments, Evan M. Berman and Ronnie L. Korosec

General Systems Theory And Criminal Justice, Thomas J. Bernard, Eugene A. Paoline, and Paul Philippe Pare

Two-Photon Absorption At Telecommunications Wavelengths In A Dipolar Chromophore With A Pyrrole Auxiliary Donor And Thiazole Auxiliary Acceptor, Luca Beverina, Jie Fu, and Amalia Leclercq

Synthesis And Sintering Studies Of Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite Powders Doped With Magnesium And Zinc, Himesh Bhatt and Samar J. Kalita

On Combining Encryption For Multiple Data Streams, Adeel Bhutta and Hassan Foroosh

Fast Algorithm For Completion Of Digital Photographs With Natural Scenes, K. K. Biswas, Siddharth Borikar, and Sumanta Pattanaik

A Simple Spatial Tone Mapping Operator For High Dynamic Range Images, K. K. Biswas and Sumanta Pattanaik

The Privatization Of Social Services From Public To Sectarian: Negative Consequences For America'S Gays And Lesbians, Christopher W. Blackwell and Sophia F. Dziegielewski

Physically Based Modeling Simulation Testbed For Robotic Exploration Of A Martian Surface, Marshal Blessing, Shuonan Dong, and David Smithbauer

Miscarriages Of Criminal Justice: An Introduction, Robert M. Bohm

N-Cycle: A Set Of Algorithms For Task Distribution On A Commodity Grid, Ladislau Bölöni, Damla Turgut, and Dan C. Marinescu

Learner-Centered Assessment And Facilitation Techniques, Barry Boyd, Kathleen Kelsey, and Atsusi Hirumi

Two Plasmodium Falciparum Ribonucleotide Reductase Small Subunits, Pfr2 And Pfr4, Interact With Each Other And Are Components Of The In Vivo Enzyme Complex, Valerie Bracchi-Ricard, David Moe, and Debopam Chakrabarti

Identification, Expansion, And Disambiguation Of Acronyms In Biomedical Texts, David B. Bracewell, Scott Russell, and Annie S. Wu

The Gem (Gravity-Electro-Magnetism) Theory Of Field Unification And Its Application To Human Flight And Gravity Wave Production And Detection, J. E. Brandenburg

The New Mars Aynthesis: A New Concept Of Mars Geo-Chemical History, J. E. Brandenburg

The Microwave Electro-Thermal (Met) Thruster Using Water Vapor Propellant, John E. Brandenburg, John Kline, and Daniel Sullivan

Can Pc-Based Systems Enhance Teamwork In The Cockpit?, Michael T. Brannick, Carolyn Prince, and Eduardo Salas

The Efficacy Of Play Therapy With Children: A Meta-Analytic Review Of Treatment Outcomes, Sue C. Bratton, Dee Ray, and Tammy Rhine

Establishing Indicators For Biodiversity [2] (Multiple Letters), Jurgen Brauer, Brian Czech, and David L. Trauger