Submissions from 2009

Analysis Of Atis Effect On Mode And Route Choices, Mohamed Abdel-Aty and Fathy Abdalla

Safety Evaluation Of Multilane Arterials In Florida, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Prem Chand Devarasetty, and Anurag Pande

An Atms Accident Prediction Model Using Traffic And Rain Data, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Rajashekar Pemmanaboina, and Albinder Dhindsa

Using Drivers' Stop/Go Decisions In Driving Simulator To Assess Rear-End Crash Risk At Signalized Intersections, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Xuedong Yan, Essam Radwan, and Xuesong Wang

Framework For A Multi-Level Evolutionary Algorithm For Construction Optimization, Mohamed Abdel-Raheem and Ahmed Khalafallah

Student-Centered Learning In An Advanced Social Work Practice Course: Outcomes Of A Mixed Methods Investigation, Eileen Mazur Abel and Mike Campbell

Permanent Genetic Resources Added To Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 January 2009-30 April 2009, L. G. Abercrombie, C. M. Anderson, B. G. Baldwin, I. C. Bang, and R. Beldade

Multimaterial Photosensitive Fiber Constructs Enable Large-Area Optical Sensing And Imaging, Ayman F. Abouraddy and Yoel Fink

Analysis And Design Of An Adaptive-Step-Size Digital Controller For Switching Frequency Autotuning, Jaber A. Abu-Qahouq, Wisam Al-Hoor, Wasfy Mikhael, Lilly Huang, and Issa Batarseh

Articulation Of Surfaces For Bio-Applications, Arvind Agarwal, Sudipta Seal, and Narendra B. Dahotre

Integrated Fiber Based Multimode Interference Bio/Chemical Sensor, J. G. Aguilar-Soto, M. A. Basurto-Pensado, P. Zhang, H. J. Cho, and P. LiKamWa

Case-Based Reasoning In Transfer Learning, David W. Aha, Matthew Molineaux, and Gita Sukthankar

Risky Behavior Of Adolescent College Students, Nancy R. Ahern

Theoretical Foundations For Integrating Sound In Interactive Interfaces: Identifying Temporal And Spatial Information Conveyance Principles, A. M. Ahmad, K. M. Stanney, and H. Fouad

Design And Development Of A Simulation Environment In Opnet Using High Performance Computing, Mohammad Z. Ahmad, Mustafa I. Akbas, Damla Turgut, Brian Goldiez, and Ravi Palaniappan

Human Systems Integration Modeling Using Systems Modeling Language, Tareq Ahram and Waldemar Karwowski

Testing For Causality In The Transmission Of Eurodollar And Us Interest Rates, Richard A. Ajayi and Apostolos Serletis

Analysis Of Toxin-Induced Changes In Action Potential Shape For Drug Development, Nesar Akanda, Peter Molnar, Maria Stancescu, and James J. Hickman

"Epidemiological Criminology": Coming Full Circle, Timothy A. Akers and Mark M. Lanier

Empowered Certification Authority In Vanets, Monis Akhlaq, Baber Aslam, Faeiz Alserhani, Irfan U. Awan, and John Mellor

A New Method For Homoclinic Solutions Of Ordinary Differential Equations, F. Talay Akyildiz, K. Vajravelu, and S. J. Liao

Implicit Differential Equation Arising In The Steady Flow Of A Sisko Fluid, F. Talay Akyildiz, K. Vajravelu, R. N. Mohapatra, Erik Sweet, and Robert A. Van Gorder

Formal Techniques For Java-Like Programs: Report On The 10Th Workshop Ftfjp At Ecoop 2008, Elvira Albert, Anindya Banerjee, Sophia Drossopoulou, Marieke Huisman, and Atsushi Igarashi

Cockpit Systems Design And Pleasure Of Flying: From Conception To Realization, Pascal Alberti, Mustapha Mouloua, and Pierre Henri Dejean

A New Species Of Electric Knifefish, Genus Compsaraia (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae) From The Amazon River, With Extreme Sexual Dimorphism In Snout And Jaw Length, James S. Albert and William G.R. Crampton

Effect Of C (2×2) -Co Overlayer On The Phonons Of Cu(001): A First-Principles Study, Marisol Alcántara Ortigoza, Rolf Heid, Klaus Peter Bohnen, and Talat S. Rahman

Impact Of Dynamic Message Signs On Satisfaction And Diversion Of Toll Road Travelers, Haitham Al-Deek, Srinivasa Ravi Chandra Chilakamarri Venkata, and Jason Flick

Dynamic Message Sign Deployment And Diversion Behavior Of Travelers On Central Florida Toll Roads, Haitham Al-Deek, Srinivasa Ravi Chandra Chilakamarri Venkata, Jason Flick, and Asad Khattak

The Queer Turn In Composition Studies: Reviewing And Assessing An Emerging Scholarship, Jonathan Alexander and David Wallace

A Review Of Recent Phase Transition Simulation Methods: Saddle Point Search, Devendra Alhat, Vernet Lasrado, and Yan Wang

Adaptive Digital Controller And Design Considerations For A Variable Switching Frequency Voltage Regulator, Wisam Al-Hoor, Jaber A. Abu-Qahouq, Lilly Huang, Wasfy B. Mikhael, and Issa Batarseh

2.5-Dimensional Simulation For Analyzing Power Arrays Subject To Esd Stresses, Bierina Aliaj, Vladislav Vashchenko, Qiang Cui, Juin J. Liou, and Andrew Tcherniaev

A Novel Computational Paradigm For Creating A Triangular Irregular Network (Tin) From Lidar Data, Tarig Ali and Ali Mehrabian

A New Technique For Design Of Low-Profile, Second-Order, Bandpass Frequency Selective Surfaces, Mudar Al-Joumayly and Nader Behdad

Investigating Iron Release In Distribution Systems With Blend Variations Of Source Waters And Phosphate Inhibitors, Abdulrahman A. Alshehri, Steven J. Duranceau, James S. Taylor, and Erica D. Stone

Simulated Ovw Retrievals In Tropical Cyclones For The Next Generation Dual Frequency Scatterometer, Suleiman Alsweiss, Peth Laupattarakasem, Salem El-Nimri, W. Linwood Jones, and Svetla Veleva

Analyzing And Implementing A Feature Mapping Approach To Cad System Interoperability, John Altidor, Jack Wileden, Yiwen Wang, Leen Hanayneh, and Yan Wang

The System Dynamics Simulation Of The Expansion Of The Panama Canal, Humberto R.A. Alvarez, Dario Solis, Arnoldo R.S. Cano, Luis Rabelo, and Serge Sala-Diakanda

Identification Of Four Novel Developmentally Regulated Gamma Hemoglobin Mrna Isoforms, Michelle Alvarez and Jack Ballantyne

The Role Of Overall Justice Judgments In Organizational Justice Research: A Test Of Mediation, Maureen L. Ambrose and Marshall Schminke

Image Frequency Analysis For Testing Of Fire Service Thermal Imaging Cameras, Francine Amon and Alfred Ducharme

The Amalthea Reu Program: Activities, Experiences &Amp; Outcomes Of A Collaborative Summer Research Experience In Machine Learning, Georgios Anagnostopoulos, Michael Georgiopoulos, Veton Kepuska, Kenneth Stanley, and Alison Morrison-Shetlar

Erratum: Elicitation Using Multiple Price List Formats (Exp Econ (2006) 9 (383405) Doi: 10.1007/S10683-006-7055-6), Steffen Andersen, Glenn W. Harrison, Morten Igel Lau, and E. Elisabet Rutström

Erratum To Elicitation Using Multiple Price List Formats (Experimental Economics, (2006), 9, (383-405), 10.1007/S10683-006-7055-6), Steffen Andersen, Glenn W. Harrison, Morten Igel Lau, and E. Elisabet Rutström

How Science Guides Industry Choice Of Alternatives To Ozone-Depleting Substances, Stephen O. Andersen, Guus J.M. Velders, and Penelope Canan

Integrating Optics And Micro-Fluidic Channels Using Femtosecond Laser Irradiation, T. Anderson, J. Hu, M. Ramme, J. Choi, and C. Faris

Factor Structure Of The Denyes Self Care Practice Instrument (Dscpi-90©), Diane Randall Andrews, David Richard, and Karen Aroian

The Importance Of Mental Health To The Experience Of Job Strain: An Evidence-Guided Approach To Improve Retention, Diane Randall Andrews and Thomas T.H. Wan

Near-Ground Vertical Profile Of Refractive-Index Fluctuations, L. C. Andrews, R. L. Phillips, D. Wayne, T. Leclerc, and P. Sauer

Cross-Correlation Technique For Dispersion Characterization Of Chirped Volume Bragg Gratings, Oleksiy Andrusyak, Lionel Canioni, Ion Cohanoschi, Eugeniu Rotari, and Vadim Smirnov

Beam Combining Of Lasers With High Spectral Density Using Volume Bragg Gratings, Oleksiy Andrusyak, Vadim Smirnov, George Venus, and Leonid Glebov

Spectral Combining And Coherent Coupling Of Lasers By Volume Bragg Gratings, Oleksiy Andrusyak, Vadim Smirnov, George Venus, Vasile Rotar, and Leonid Glebov

Applications Of Volume Bragg Gratings For Spectral Control And Beam Combining Of High Power Fiber Lasers, Oleksiy Andrusyak, Vadim Smirnov, George Venus, Nikolai Vorobiev, and Leonid Glebov

Bayesian Models For Two-Sample Time-Course Microarray Experiments, Claudia Angelini, Daniela De Canditiis, and Marianna Pensky

The Effect Of High-Fructose Corn Syrup Consumption On Triglycerides And Uric Acid, Theodore J. Angelopoulos, Joshua Lowndes, Linda Zukley, Kathleen J. Melanson, and Von Nguyen

Black-Box Search By Elimination Of Fitness Functions, Gautham Anil and R. Paul Wiegand

Optofluidically Tunable Mmi Filter, J. E. Antonio-Lopez, J. G. Aguilar-Soto, D. A. May-Arrioja, P. Li Kam Wa, and J. J. Sanchez-Mondragon

Optofluidically Tunable Mmi Filter, J. E. Antonio-Lopez, J. G. Aguilar-Soto, D. A. May-Arrioja, P. LiKamWa, and J. J. Sanchez-Mondragon

Optofluidically Tunable Mmi Filter, J. E. Antonio-Lopez, J. G. Aguilar-Soto, D. A. May-Arrioja, P. LiKamWa, and J. J. Sanchez-Mondragon

Optofluidic Tuning Of Multimode Interference Fiber Filters, J. E.Antonio Antonio-Lopez, D. A.May Arrioja, and P. LikamWa

All-Fiber Tunable Mmi Fiber Laser, J. E. Antonio-Lopez, A. Castillo-Guzman, D. A. May-Arrioja, R. Selvas-Aguilar, and P. LikamWa

Synthesis And Photophysical Properties Of Donor- And Acceptor-Substituted 1,7-Bis(Arylalkynyl)Perylene-3,4:9,10-Bis(Dicarboximide)S, Zesheng An, Susan A. Odom, Richard F. Kelley, Chun Huang, and Xuan Zhang

Reconsidering Child Saving: The Extent And Correlates Of Public Support For Excluding Youths From The Juvenile Court, Brandon K. Applegate, Robin King Davis, and Francis T. Cullen

From The Inside: The Meaning Of Probation To Probationers, Brandon K. Applegate, Hayden P. Smith, Alicia H. Sitren, and Nicolette Fariello Springer

The Rhetorical Nature Of Xml: Constructing Knowledge In Networked Environments, J. D. Applen and Rudy McDaniel

The Role Of Triplet States In The Emission Mechanism Of Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes, M. Arif, S. Mukhopadhyay, S. Ramasesha, and S. Guha

Reaching Out: Newspaper Credibility Among Young Adult Readers, Cory L. Armstrong and Steve J. Collins

A Model Of Mother-Child Adjustment In Arab Muslim Immigrants To The Us, Karen Aroian, Edythe S. Hough, Thomas N. Templin, Anahid Kulwicki, and Vidya Ramaswamy

The Sting Of Releasing Print Journals: Surviving The Transition To An Online Environment, Michael A. Arthur, Ellen Safley, Debbie Montgomery, Carol Ann Borchert, and Jessica L. Ireland

Pervasive Internet Access By Vehicles Through Satellite Receive Only Terminals, Baber Aslam, Ping Wang, and Cliff C. Zou

Distributed Certificate And Application Architecture For Vanets, Baber Aslam and Cliff Zou

Teaching And Learning, Tom Atkinson

Virtual Worlds Come Alive At Aect 2008 Convention, Tom Atkinson, Janet Daugherty, and Lisa Etelamki

Meningitis: The Quiet Before The Storm? (Simulation Of An On-Campus Outbreak), Tracy A. Atkins, Ken K. Westerlund, Christine M. Allen, and Omar Thompson

Your Diagnosis?, Sudhir Ayyagari, Laura W. Bancroft, and Michael Jablonski

Dopant-Mediated Oxygen Vacancy Tuning In Ceria Nanoparticles, Suresh Babu, Ranjith Thanneeru, Talgat Inerbaev, Richard Day, and Artëm E. Masunov

The Role Of Meteorological Forcing On The St. Johns River (Northeastern Florida), Peter Bacopoulos, Yuji Funakoshi, Scott C. Hagen, Andrew T. Cox, and Vincent J. Cardone

Tidal Simulations For The Loxahatchee River Estuary (Southeastern Florida): On The Influence Of The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Versus The Surrounding Tidal Flats, Peter Bacopoulos and Scott C. Hagen

Full Stokes Polarimetry In The Near Field, Janghwan Bae, David Haefner, Sergey Sukhov, and Aristide Dogariu

Biocomm - A Cross-Layer Medium Access Control (Mac) And Routing Protocol Co-Design For Biomedical Sensor Networks, Anirban Bag and Mostafa A. Bassiouni

Philosophical Ties That Bind Practice: The Case Of Creativity, James R. Bailey, Cameron M. Ford, and Jonathan D. Raelin

Carbon Foam Cold Head Heat Exchanger For O2 Liquefaction, M. Bai, J. N. Chung, J. H. Du, W. Wu, and Y. R. Lin

Covenant Marriage And The Sanctification Of Gendered Marital Roles, Elizabeth H. Baker, Laura A. Sanchez, Steven L. Nock, and James D. Wright

Interface In Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminum Silicon Composites: Thermodynamic Analysis And Experimental Verification, Srinivasa R. Bakshi, Anup K. Keshri, Virendra Singh, Sudipta Seal, and Arvind Agarwal

Aluminum Composite Reinforced With Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes From Plasma Spraying Of Spray Dried Powders, Srinivasa R. Bakshi, Virendra Singh, Sudipta Seal, and Arvind Agarwal

An Empirical Analysis Of Scarcity Strategies In The Automobile Industry, Subramanian Balachander, Yan Liu, and Axel Stock

Limited Edition Products: When And When Not To Offer Them, Subramanian Balachander and Axel Stock

Thap5 Is A Human Cardiac-Specific Inhibitor Of Cell Cycle That Is Cleaved By The Proapoptotic Omi/Htra2 Protease During Cell Death, Meenakshi P. Balakrishnan, Lucia Cilenti, Zineb Mashak, Paiyal Popat, and Emad S. Alnemri

Radiologic Case Study. Failed Total Knee Arthroplasty With Dislocated Rotating Platform Polyethylene Component., Laura W. Bancroft, Jeffrey J. Peterson, and Kurt E. Blasser

Your Diagnosis?, Laura W. Bancroft, Jeffrey J. Peterson, and Kurt E. Blasser

Your Diagnosis? Failed Total Knee Arthroplasty With Dislocated Rotating Platform Polyethylene Component., Laura W. Bancroft, Jeffrey J. Peterson, and Kurt E. Blasser

Native Silica Nanoparticle Catalyzed Anti-Markovnikov Addition Of Thiols To Inactivated Alkenes And Alkynes: A New Route To Linear And Vinyl Thioethers, Subhash Banerjee, Jayanta Das, and Swadeshmukul Santra

Remarkable Catalytic Activity Of Silica Nanoparticle In The Bis-Michael Addition Of Active Methylene Compounds To Conjugated Alkenes, Subhash Banerjee and Swadeshmukul Santra

High Dynamic Range Imaging And Low Dynamic Range Expansion For Generating Hdr Content, Francesco Banterle, Kurt Debattista, Alessandro Artusi, Sumanta Pattanaik, and Karol Myszkowski

Intelligent Resource Operational Network (Iron) For Cultural Modeling, Daniel Barber and Denise Nicholson

Hiding In A Virtual World: Using Unconventionally Installed Operating Systems, Richard Arthur Bares

Design And Application Considerations For A High Speed Rotating Heat Pipe, Gavin Barnes, Michael Mixa, and Ali P. Gordon

Trapping An Intermediate Of Dinitrogen (N2) Reduction On Nitrogenase, Brett M. Barney, Dmitriy Lukoyanov, Robert Y. Igarashi, Mikhail Laryukhin, and Tran Chin Yang

Time Series Prediction By Chaotic Modeling Of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Arslan Basharat and Mubarak Shah

Integrated Multimode Interference Sensor For Bio/Chemical Applications, M. A. Basurto-Pensado, P. Zhang, J. G. Aguilar-Soto, H. J. Cho, and P. LiKamWa