Submissions from 2009

Kill The Bugger: Ender'S Game And The Question Of Heteronormativity, James Campbell

Venture Capitalist Monitoring: Evidence From Governance Structures, Terry L. Campbell and Melissa B. Frye

Spitzer Observations Of Spacecraft Target 162173 (1999 Ju3), H. Campins, J. P. Emery, M. Kelley, Y. Fernández, and J. Licandro

Low Perihelion Near-Earth Asteroids, Humberto Campins, Michael S. Kelley, Yanga Fernández, Javier Licandro, and Kelsey Hargrove

The Pervasive Nature Of It Controls: An Examination Of Material Weaknesses In It Controls And Audit Fees, Joseph Canada, Steve G. Sutton, and J. Randel Kuhn

Synthetic Learning Environments: On Developing A Science Of Simulation, Games, And Virtual Worlds For Training, Jan Cannon-Bowers and Clint Bowers

A Unified View Of Ostensibly Disparate Isoperimetric Variational Problems, Michael R. Caputo

Solving Scb'S Membership Crisis By Reinvigorating The Sections: Response To Schwartz Et Al., Carlos Carroll, Reed F. Noss, Jodi Hilty, and Stephen C. Trombulak

Gender Performances During Labor And Birth In The Midwives Model Of Care, Shannon K. Carter

Pbde Degradation With Zero-Valent Bimetallic Systems, Kathleen Carvalho-Knighton, Lukasz Talalaj, and Robert DeVor

Normativity Is The Mother Of Intention: Wittgenstein, Normative Practices And Neurological Representations, Mason Cash

Comparative Phylogeography Of Pitvipers Suggests A Consensus Of Ancient Middle American Highland Biogeography, Todd A. Castoe, Juan M. Daza, Eric N. Smith, Mahmood M. Sasa, and Ulrich Kuch

Structural Health Monitoring: Applications And Data Analysis, F. N. Catbas

A Novel Approach To Analyze Existing Bridges Efficiently, F. Necati Catbas and H. Burak Gokce

Using Dynamic Characteristics Of Bridges For Practical Analysis With Distribution Factors, F. Necati Catbas and H. Burak Gokce

Dynamic Response Monitoring And Correlation To Crowd Movement At A Football Stadium, F. Necati Catbas and Mustafa Gul

Structural Health Monitoring Of Bridges: Fundamentals, Application Case Study And Organizational Considerations, F. Necati Catbas, Mustafa Gul, Ricardo Zaurin, Thomas Terrell, and Yunus Dere

Globalization And Personal And Global Identity In Colombian, Chinese, Hindu And American Students, Claudia Caycedo, Catalina Duarte, Irina Granados, Steven Berman, and Min Cheng

Leveraging Computation Sharing And Parallel Processing In Location-Based Services, Jonathan Cazalas and Kien Hua

Review Of Modeling Of Liquid Precursor Droplets And Particles Injected Into Plasmas And High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (Hvof) Flame Jets For Thermal Spray Deposition Applications, Baki M. Cetegen and Saptarshi Basu

Microsensor On Single Zno Microwire, G. Chai, E. Rusu, L. Chow, G. I. Stratan, and H. Heinrich

Crossed Zinc Oxide Nanorods For Ultraviolet Radiation Detection, Guangyu Chai, Oleg Lupan, Lee Chow, and Helge Heinrich

A Methods-Based Biotechnology Course For Undergraduates, Debopam Chakrabarti

Chemotherapeutics Of Neglected Waterborne Parasites: Current Status And Future Perspectives, Ratna Chakrabarti and Debopam Chakrabarti

Energy Efficient New Housing In Hot, Humid Florida: Building America Examples, S. Chandra

Predictions Of Freeway Traffic Speeds And Volumes Using Vector Autoregressive Models, Srinivasa Ravi Chandra and Haitham Al-Deek

Synthesis And Mesomorphic Properties Of Α-Methylstilbene-Based Liquid Crystals, Chin Yen Chang, Kang Wei Ho, Chain Shu Hsu, Chih Hung Lin, and Sebastian Gauza

Femtosecond Yb-Fiber Chirped-Pulse-Amplification System Based On Chirped-Volume Bragg Gratings, Guoqing Chang, Matthew Rever, Vadim Smirnov, Leonid Glebov, and Almantas Galvanauskas

Bell'S Inequalities For Three-Qubit Entangled States With White Noise, Jinho Chang and Younghun Kwon

Fusion Of Multi-Source And Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Data For Water Availability Assessment In A Metropolitan Region, N. B. Chang, Y. J. Yang, and A. Daranpob

Environmental Sensing, Informatics, And Decision Making, Ni Bin Chang

Fair Fund Distribution For A Municipal Incinerator Using Gis-Based Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process, Ni Bin Chang, Ying Hsi Chang, and Ho Wen Chen

Subsurface Wetland Systems For On-Site Wastewater Treatment And Reuse, Ni Bin Chang and Marty Wanielista

Nutrient And Pathogen Removal With An Innovative Passive Underground Drainfield For On-Site Wastewater Treatment, Ni Bin Chang, Marty Wanielista, Ammarin Daranpob, Fahim Hossian, and Zhemin Xuan

Investigating The Temperature Effects On Nutrient Removal In Green Sorption Media, Ni Bin Chang, Marty Wanielista, Devan Henderson, and Ammarin Daranpob

Comparative Study Of Two Standard Septic Tank Drain Fields Using Different Sand With Recirculation For Nutrient Removal, Ni Bin Chang, Marty Wanielista, Fahim Hossian, Zhemin Xuan, and Ammarin Daranpob

Weight Change And Ovarian Steroid Profiles In Young Women, Judith Flynn Chapman, Matthew H. McIntyre, Susan F. Lipson, and Peter T. Ellison

Poster: Realdance: An Exploration Of 3D Spatial Interfaces For Dancing Games, Emiko Charbonneau, Andrew Miller, Chadwick A. Wingrave, and Joseph J. LaViola

Understanding Visual Interfaces For The Next Generation Of Dance-Based Rhythm Video Games, Emiko Charbonneau, Andrew Miller, Chadwick Wingrave, and Joseph J. LaViola

States And Empires In Ancient Mesoamerica, Arlen F. Chase, Diane Z. Chase, and Michael E. Smith

Changes In Maya Religious Worldview: Liminality And The Archaeological Record, Diane Z. Chase and Arlen F. Chase

Special Section: Icdcn 2008, Mainak Chatterjee

Control Of Combustion In A Thermally Stabilized Burner, S. Chaudhuri, A. Mukhopadhyay, M. S. Biswas, B. M. Cetegen, and S. Basu

Subspace Projection: A Unified Framework For A Class Of Partition-Based Dimension Reduction Techniques, Hao Cheng, Khanh Vu, and Kien A. Hua

Series Solutions Of Stagnation Slip Flow And Heat Transfer By The Homotopy Analysis Method, Jun Cheng, Shijun Liao, R. N. Mohapatra, and K. Vajravelu

Assessment Of The Impact Of Biogenic Voc Emissions In A High Ozone Episode Via Integrated Remote Sensing And The Cmaq Model, Kaiyu Cheng and Ni Bin Chang

Neural Network Solution For Suboptimal Control Of Non-Holonomic Chained Form System, Tao Cheng, Hanxu Sun, Zhihua qu, and Frank L. Lewis

Changes In The Liquidity Of Closed-End Country Funds After The Introduction Of World Equity Benchmarks, Honghui Chen, Joel N. Morse, and Hoang Huy Nguyen

Reducing Software Requirement Perception Gaps Through Coordination Mechanisms, Houn Gee Chen, James J. Jiang, Gary Klein, and Jengchung V. Chen

Pdlc-Based Voa With A Small Polarization Dependent Loss, Kuan Ming Chen, Hongwen Ren, and Shin Tson Wu

Multistage Machining Process Design And Optimization Using Error Equivalence Method, Shaoqiang Chen, Hui Wang, and Qiang Huang

Attitude Recovery For Microsatellite Via Magnetic Torque, Weiyue Chen, Wuxing Jing, and Chaoyong Li

Travelling Waves Of Auto-Catalytic Chemical Reaction Of General Order-An Elliptic Approach, Xinfu Chen and Yuanwei Qi

Coherent Detection Using Optical Time-Domain Sampling, Xin Chen, Xiaobo Xie, Inwoong Kim, Guifang Li, and Hanyi Zhang

Ionic Conductivity Of Plasma-Sprayed Nanocrystalline Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Electrolyte For Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Y. Chen, S. Omar, A. K. Keshri, K. Balani, and K. Babu

Poster: Evaluation Of Menu Techniques Using A 3D Game Input Device, Dustin B. Chertoff, Ross Byers, and Joseph J. LaViola

An Exploration Of Menu Techniques Using A 3D Game Input Device, Dustin B. Chertoff, Ross W. Byers, and Joseph J. LaViola

Distance-Dependent Interactions Between Gold Nanoparticles And Fluorescent Molecules With Dna As Tunable Spacers, Rahul Chhabra, Jaswinder Sharma, Haining Wang, Shengli Zou, and Su Lin

Transflective Device With A Transparent Organic Light-Emitting Diode And A Reflective Liquid-Crystal Device, Tien Lung Chiu, Haiqing Xianyu, Zhibing Ge, Jiun Haw Lee, and Kou Chen Liu

Media Richness, User Trust, And Perceptions Of Corporate Social Responsibility: An Experimental Investigation Of Visual Web Site Disclosures, Charles H. Cho, Jillian R. Phillips, Amy M. Hageman, and Dennis M. Patten

Effect Of Hydrogen On The Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Silicon Carbide-Derived Carbon Films, Hyun Ju Choi, Heung Taek Bae, Michael J. McNallan, Yong Ho Sohn, and Dae Soon Lim

Femtosecond Laser Induced Micro-Structured Silver Containing Glass As An Engineered Nonlinear Optical Material, Jiyeon Choi, Matthieu Bellec, Kevin Bourhis, Arnaud Royon, and Lionel Canioni

Second Harmonic Generation By Electro-Poling In Femtosecond Laser Induced Micro-Structured Silver Containing Glass, Jiyeon Choi, Kevin Bourhis, Thierry Cardinal, Matthieu Bellec, and Lionel Canioni

Second Harmonic Generation By Electro-Poling In Femtosecond Laser Induced Micro-Structured Silver Containing Glass, Jiyeon Choi, Kevin Bourhis, Thierry Cardinal, Matthieu Bellec, and Lionel Canioni

Optical Coherence Microscopy For Nondestructive 3D Imaging Of Femtosecond Laser Written Structures, Jiyeon Choi, Kye Sung Lee, Supraja Murali, Troy Anderson, and Jannick P. Rolland

Femtosecond Laser Direct Written Diffractive Optical Elements And Their Integration In Oxide Glass, Jiyeon Choi and Martin Richardson

Effect Of Equivalent Weight Of Phosphotungstic Add-Incorporated Composite Membranes On The High Temperature Operation Of Pem Fuel Cells, Pyoungho Choi, Bo Li, Rohit Agawal, Benjamin Pearman, and Nahid Mohajeri

Systems Design, Fabrication, And Testing Of A High-Speed Miniature Motor For Cryogenic Cooler, Louis Chow, Dipjyoti Acharya, Lei Zhou, Liping Zheng, and Thomas X. Wu

Discreteness In Optics, Demetrios N. Christodoulides and George I. Stegeman

Discreteness In Optics, Demetrios N. Christodoulides and George I. Stegeman

Conformal Switchable Superhydrophobic/Hydrophilic Surfaces For Microscale Flow Control, Anindarupa Chunder, Kenneth Etcheverry, Ghanashyam Londe, Hyoung J. Cho, and Lei Zhai

Fabrication Of Anti-Reflection Coatings On Plastics Using The Spraying Layer-By-Layer Elf-Assembly Technique, Anindarupa Chunder, Kenneth Etcheverry, Samuel Wadsworth, Glenn D. Boreman, and Lei Zhai

A New Multi-Objective Control Design For Autonomous Vehicles, Jiangmin Chunyu, Zhihua Qu, Eytan Pollak, and Mark Falash

A New Reactive Target-Tracking Control With Obstacle Avoidance In A Dynamic Environment, Jiangmin Chunyu, Zhihua Qu, Eytan Pollak, and Mark Falash

Robotic-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy: A Review Of Current Outcomes, Rafael F. Coelho, Sanket Chauhan, Kenneth J. Palmer, Bernardo Rocco, and Manoj B. Patel

Protection From Radiation-Induced Pneumonitis Using Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles, Jimmie Colon, Luis Herrera, Joshua Smith, Swanand Patil, and Chris Komanski

Density Waves In Cassini Uvis Stellar Occultations. 1. The Cassini Division, J. E. Colwell, J. H. Cooney, L. W. Esposito, and M. Sremčević

The Structure Of Saturn'S Rings, J. E. Colwell, P. D. Nicholson, M. S. Tiscareno, C. D. Murray, and R. G. French

Lunar Dust Levitation, Joshua E. Colwell, Scott R. Robertson, Mihály Horányi, Xu Wang, and Andrew Poppe

Analytical Approach To Semiconductor Bloch Equations, M. Combescot, O. Betbeder-Matibet, and M. N. Leuenberger

General Argument Supporting Bose-Einstein Condensate Of Dark Excitons In Single And Double Quantum Wells, Monique Combescot and Michael N. Leuenberger

Statistical Graphics In Ajg: Save The Ink For The Information, Jason T. Connor

Cognitive Science-Based Principles For The Design And Delivery Of Training, Nancy J. Cooke and Stephen M. Fiore

Cognitive Science-Based Principles For The Design And Delivery Of Training, Nancy J. Cooke and Stephen M. Fiore

Medication Interventions For Fall Prevention In The Older Adult, James W. Cooper and Allison H. Burfield

The Effects Of Household Corrosive Chemicals On Human Dentition, Darcy J. Cope and Tosha L. Dupras

Trends In Marital Happiness By Gender And Race, 1973 To 2006, Mamadi Corra, Shannon K. Carter, J. Scott Carter, and David Knox

Bibliographic Description And Practices For Providing Access To Spanish Language Materials, Eda M. Correa and Nashieli Marcano

Athermal Early Retrograde Release Of The Neurovascular Bundle During Nerve-Sparing Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy, Geoffrey Coughlin, Pankaj P. Dangle, Kenneth J. Palmer, Srinivas Samevedi, and Vipul R. Patel

On The Study Of Complexity In Information Systems, James Courtney, Yasmin Merali, David Paradice, and Eleanor Wynn

A Historical Review Of Mother And Child Programs For Incarcerated Women, Susan C. Craig

Ain'T Gonna Study War No More?: Explorations Of War Through Picture Books, Patricia A. Crawford and Sherron Killingsworth Roberts

Crime-Fighting Strategy, Candi S. Cross

Organizational Alignment And Hospitality Firm Performance, John C. Crotts, Robert C. Ford, Vincent C.s. Heung, and E. W.T. Ngai

Phase-Regenerative Wavelength Conversion For Bpsk And Dpsk Signals, Kevin A. Croussore and Guifang Li

Size-Selected Pt Nanoparticles Synthesized Via Micelle Encapsulation: Effect Of Pretreatment And Oxidation State On The Activity For Methanol Decomposition And Oxidation, Jason R. Croy, S. Mostafa, H. Heinrich, and B. Roldan Cuenya

The Development And Manifestation Of Altruistic Caring: A Qualitative Inquiry, Jennifer R. Curry, Heather L. Smith, and Edward H. Robinson

Employee Motivation And Organizational Commitment: A Comparison Of Tipped And Nontipped Restaurant Employees, Catherine R. Curtis, Randall S. Upchurch, and Denver E. Severt

Efficient Virus Detection Using Dynamic Instruction Sequences, Jianyong Dai, Ratan Guha, and Joohan Lee

Feature Set Selection In Data Mining Techniques For Unknown Virus Detection - A Comparison Study, Jianyong Dai, Ratan Guha, and Joohan Lee